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Hi All:

I am a 75 year old in the US with stage 4 gastro-intestinal cancer. I had a gastrectomy 2 years ago along with 18 rounds of chemo but it is back. I started chemo on an on-going basis for the foreseeable future. The prognosis is 16-22 months but being in good health otherwise and receiving treatment, my goal is 5 years. I have a very positive attitude and have been putting all of my affairs in order for the least several months. I wanted to join this group to learn how other are making the most of the situation. I have started to work on my bucket list, pre-arranged my funeral and writing my thoughts in a journal. My concern is over my wife and family will handle all of this. Sorry for the long message. 

  • Hi CtCarGuy welcome to our group, you'll find we are very supportive,  caring but we do like a lot of humour. I know we would all like not to be in this club, but let's  make the best of it. You seem to have your affairs in order, as most of us on here have, once that's done and out the way you can get on with your life. A lot of us have gone past our sell by date by years some 5,7,10 so think big. Look forward to seeing your posts .


  • Hi Welcome to the group, though sorry you have had to be here, but you will get a lot of support, we ll help each other when every some one my need help

    I was diagnosed nearly seven years ago, and hubby was with me every step of the way,

    I finished treatment 4 days after he got a dx, and lost him 8 months later, i thought i would be going first,  but not to be.

    Your wife will cope, it is not easy, in fact it is bloody hard at times and life for me will never be the same.i got threw it because i knew he would want me to, and i have carried on fighting cancer because that is what he wanted.

    My grown up children have all dealt with it, in their own way, there is no right or wrong way.

    We find strength from some where and your wife will, you are still here, so make memories with her, i never got the chance as of the eights months, he spent 4months in hospital, though i have lots of memories from the day i met him till the day he left me xxx,

  • Hi and welcome to the group you will find loads of support from us all whenever you need us for advice a rant anything you want a chat about take one day at a time some days will be better than others so hang on in there 

  • Hi , welcome to the group although I wish we had met elsewhere. You have quite a long prognosis so if you follow the trend in previous prognoses then you'll be around for a few years yet. New drugs may extend your life and/or trials can do that too. Just wondering, does the US extend treatment to everyone no matter what the income of cancer sufferers as happens in the UK thanks to our national health service?

    Being in good general health and a very positive attitude is a definite plus for extending life expectancy in my view. I was diagnosed 7½ years ago and I have a real positive attitude. As regards good general health, I've had a heart attack, a stroke, I have haemochromatosis and various other ailments yet I feel that I'm the healthiest person around, something that I told my haematologist last Friday at my latest appointment.  

    You don't need to apologise here for a long post CtCarGuy. I'm the self acclaimed long poster, I can't use 10 words when 100 will do! 

    Hope to chat more in the coming months


    Love life and family.
  • Hello ctCar Guy, Just want to add my welcome to you. You can say anything here to get it off your chest. We are good listeners so don't worry about long posts. You can tell us all about yourself on your profile. There may be others on this thread with a similar cancer and experiences. We like a bit of humour too and can be wonderfully silly. It does you good. Keep posting. Rainie x