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Hi I have incurable womb cancer that spread to pelvis under breastbone and lungs then infiltrated my bladder then had a seizure it has matasasized to my brain going tomorrow for an MRI scan as they’re not sure if there is a lesion on the left as well as the right it could be a blood vessel if it’s a lesion have to have brain op and then radiotherapy on the bigger lesion starting on the 30 September for 3 weeks 5 times a week as long as they can treat me I’m happy after  MRI I have to have a mould made for where it will be targeted so wish me luck and I’ll update 

kind regards 

Mo K

  • Hi Mo K

    Your positive mental attitude will keep you going for a good while ! 

    Enjoy the family weddings, you certainly deserve to.

    Keep us posted and best wishes with everything Heart 

  • Hi Glad you joined us here, you'll find a lot of support when you need it. We all understand what you're going through and how you feel as we're all in the same boat!

    Big hugs, Barb xx

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  • Hello Mo K, Welcome to our gang and so sorry you have the need to be here, but that said, we're all in the same boat and do our utmost to support each other on here. Keep posting with updates and when you feel low come on here and there will be somebody who knows just how you're feeling. Let it all out. Try your best to keep positive, focussed and informed as to all your options. Big hugs to you from Rainie x