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can anybody tell me at what stage of my incurable cancer do I approach Palliative care, is this done through a GP or through the hospital,  and when?   

  • I was first referred to Palliative care when I was diagnosed basically to see if I needed anything and to sort out pain relief and I have been on and off their books since then with my main issue being pain control. I think your GP is your first port of call as they can refer you to palliative care. I am incurable but stable so you don't have to be in the final stages of life to use a palliative care team in my experience.

    I hope you find the help you need or just the information you what

  • Hi Xaviva, as EllieKate has said palliative care is available to you as soon as you have your diagnosis, you can access it through your GP or community nurse. It's a good idea to meet them before you may need them just in case you need more specialised care. I am doing ok though I get a phone call once a week from them to talk about how I'm doing and if I need anything. take care.


  • Hi Xaviva,

    As soon as my GP heard about my stage 4 diagnosis, he wanted to refer me to the Local Hospice for Palliative Care but I wasn't ready at that point because I didn't think I was as bad as that! However, a few months later after a couple of surgeries, I contacted my GP and asked if the offer was still there, he said of course, I'll ring them now! I wish I had gone when he first suggested it. The Hospice & all the Staff  were amazing. I hadn't realised they are not just there for end of life care but to help you live as best you can for as long as you can! That was years ago, I'm one of the lucky ones who has well passed my sell by date. I stopped the classes etc because there was a waiting list and I felt others starting their journey needed it more.

    I still pop in occasionally and get a very warm welcome with tea and biscuits!

    I looked at your Profile Page but unfortunately there is no information there about when and exactly what you were diagnosed with. As others have said anyone who has an incurable diagnosis can go. Just ask your GP for a referral as they work with the Hospices local to them! Or phone your Local one or pop in, they will let you know how to go about it as every UK country is different! Good luck!

    Love Annette x

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