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THROUGH my breast cancer and now my brain cancer, this and that is talked about, but only now I realize than nobody that has given me diagnosis and treatments has ever mentioned the fact that pain is involved...I was not counting on pain on top of dealing with incurable brain cancer!!

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    I'm sorry to read that you are having pain that you weren't expecting. You may need to get onto your GP for pain relief. I did this whilst waiting for treatment to start. I was taking oromorph that I'd been given after surgery. I needed to keep a record of how often I was using it so that the GP could calculate dosage of longer acting morphine based painkillers. It may also be worth ringing your oncologists secretary as he may be able to offer treatment for symptom control. This information below may be useful to you.

    Hope you can get your pain under control. Don't struggle on, let your health team know.

    A x

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  • Hi, sorry to hear you are in pain on top of everything else. I too have pain all the time. It really does drag you down mentally. My oncologist prescribed me pain relief, Naproxen, which unfortunately I had to stop taking due to side effects. Oncologist will look at other options. She also gave me liquid morphine. I love the fact I can take it as and when needed. It gets rid of the pain. It completely relaxes me, body and mind and I sleep like a baby. It's defo worth a try. I hope you find something that works for you too. 

  • Hi Xaviva Really sorry to hear this and as you say not something you were counting on . As mentioned you have to get pain relief asap . All the Best Regards Minmax

  • Hi MarieT Sorry to hear of your Woes , It really is a pain excuse the pun dealing with pain. The simplest thing or action  can bring on pain sometimes. There is no fun when you can't even wash you face with two hands because you can't let go of the sink because of back pain. As I write this I am ok and have cocodamol which I haven't needed yet , Got appointment tomorrow with oncologist might ask about getting something in place rather than going to A and E  . All the Best Regards Minmax  

  • Thank you and I'm sorry too to hear of your troubles too. That's just awful not being able to wash your face because of back pain. To be in so much pain but not yet needing your co codamol shows your resilience, wow. I would say defo speak to your oncologist and find out what your options are. Much better than having to go to A & E, not a great place to be. Good luck and let me know how goes it. Take care

  • Hi MarieT I was chatting to a mate last night and she is a nurse and I was telling her about what I read here about using your mind to help beat the pain. My friend said that's exactly what she did for her second child birth after having a traumatic first birth . She is no light weight by any means and suffers from really bad pain like sciatica and can never get a nights sleep and has to take pills the whole time. You think you have it bad sometimes until you hear other peoples stories and think thank God I don't have that issue . All the Best Regards Minmax

  • I'm sorry you are all suffering with so much pain. I have a great deal of pain at times to and my pain relief is decided by a palliative care team that my GP referred me to. Palliative care isn't just for the end of life care but also and giving patients with incurable conditions the best remaining time they can have. This has been my experience anyway. I hope you all have the best day you can x

  • Hi Elliekate I was just speaking to someone who works with my oncologist and she explained that they have people on Palliative care for 5 years , I was happy when she said I wasn't toast yet , I gave her a big hug and Thanked her , She Brought  tears to my eyes with her kindness unlike the other heartless person. All the Best Minmax 

  • Hi Minmax, absolutely, I agree, I believe you should try anything to see what works for you. Thing is as well is that you take pain relief and can suffer side effects and they can drag you down too. One thing for sure, living with pain is not an easy ride. But you're right you have to try soldier on as best you can. What other option do we have? Enjoy your day and take care. 

  • Hi Elliekate, that sounds great that you are with a palliative care team. Do you mind me asking please, what pain relief are you on? Enjoy your day and take care.