Terminal breast cancer

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Feeling vulnerable tonight and feeling sorry for myself! Just wanting some positive stories I’m 43 was diagnosed in October 22 with breast cancer that has spread to my spine and nodes! Due a scan soon so anxiety kicking in! Lots of hugs to all of you fighting this terrible disease 

  • Hi Lindz, we all know that feeling . Especially just before the scan. I am on this journey for over 8 years and no it is not getting much better.

    There is nothing wrong with having a good cry or yell. I send you a big hug hun.  

  • Hi Lindz

    You have any right to fill sorry for your self, we all go there at some point, me included.

    I am like Pet coming up for eight years, i cannot believe it, and no it does not get any easier, i have to say.

    At times i think to myself, where has the eight years gone to,  yes i am lucky, but cancer has dominated my life, in many ways.

    Hubby got it, then daughter, so in many ways, it at times, seems to be the only thing, that i focus on.

    Though coming up for scans, is the same for any of us, whether early on this journey or like others, way down the line.

    You rant, cry shout, what ever you fill like, we all hear you,

  • I feel like my life is over sometimes but I get up and carry on for my family xxx

  • Love your name Ellie that’s what I called my daughter.. lots of love to you xxx

  • 8 yrs is amazing and thank you for reacting to my post! How you getting on treatment wise? Take care and lots of hugs to you xxx

  • Hello Lindz, everyone has down days when things get too much, i find a good cry helps you get going again, I have prostate cancer which is now in 9 places but somehow symptoms are manageable. Have heart issues too, likes to stop at times, the 15th time last Friday, but life is good, been having scans for 50 years and still get nervous, I am glad you have family to support you too and i hope your scan brings you good news, take care.


  • Well, i had Nivolumab immuno therapy, but now they stopped it about a year ago and it's wait and see. Getting scan every 6 months now. 

  • Hi Lindz, I'm with you on the feeling down, it's normal human reaction, there's nothing wrong with having a good cry and feeling sorry for yourself, so long as you have more good times, I had counselling because I tried to go ony own terms, not the time limit the urologists said.

    And Iim glad I did, I still have loads of problems but enjoying life and my family, now way past sell by date, if you get down just think of all the good time's you have it will help you get through it.

    Big hugs, Ulls 

  • 50 yrs? Wow that’s amazing so happy your doing so well xxx

  • Hi  

    I'm sorry to read that you are feeling a bit low and sorry for yourself. Nothing wrong in that, we all get those days. I'm currently stable and on bad days I think what's the point to it all, I'm just waiting for it to come back and finish what it started. But then on good days, I might go for a walk, potter in the garden. I find the exercise straightens my head out. Its nice to have something to look forward to, doesn't have to be anything big. Treat yourself to something that takes care of you, like hand cream etc. I find that looking after myself helps me. Best wishes for your scan and results.

    A x

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