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Hi I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer early 2022 and went through chemo, an op and then more chemo.  It has been a real slog recovering but I was getting there and had returned to full time work.  Following tests as part of my regular check ups I have been told the cancer has returned in my lymph nodes around my lungs, heart and shoulder.  It isn’t ‘curable’ so any treatment is to focus on controlling it.  
I am sure you all understand that currently I have so much buzzing around my head especially what timescale that means.  It’s great to hear the people who have outlived predictions and are living life.  
I am hoping for any advice when I do see the oncologist to find out what treatments I will be offered and an idea of the prognosis.

Thank you 

  • Hi Welcome, though sorry you have had to find this group..

    No one can or could give you a time line, though as you say a lot, have gone past their sell by date..

    I have lung cancer, and when i was diagnosed, the only treatment was chemo, and then a while later immunotherapy, was approved, by NICE for lung cancer.

    Now some people are given chem first and some are given immunotherapy, so i, if offered chemo ask oncologist why not the immunotherapy, at times it is given after you have done chemo, every one is so different. It is down to your oncologist..

    You have been threw a lot already, and this is a blow.

    Since i finished my treatment, i have had to have radiotherapy, and at moment, waiting to see what another problem is.

    Please use the group, as a lot of support here, we support each other, in good and bad.

    Others will come along i am sure, x

  • Hi  

    I am sorry to read that your cancer is now incurable. A very warm welcome to the group although none of us would choose to be here. It is a great group and everyone is friendly and supportive. 

    I am currently stable since end of treatment Sept 2022. I am still surprised at the fact as I was sure that it would come straight back. My profile is on if you would like to read, just click on my username. I became incurable 4 months after diagnosis.

    I hope your appointment with oncology goes well and that they can offer a plan for treatment. Best regards

    A x

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  • Hi JacPop and welcome, diagnosed 21 months ago told straight away i was terminal, though do not know how long i have, so can understand, like we all can the thoughts and feelings you are having. Sorry i can't offer much advice regarding treatment you will be offered as due to co-morbidity RT+HT is my lot. If you know and trust your oncologist, i would listen to their advice then take a few days to think about what you have been offered and do your homework then decide if it right for you, we will be here to help you in any way we can, whether it's advice, support or just a chat, I hope your appointment goes well, take care.


  • Hi 

    Thank you for your reply.  I know a prognosis is only an educated guess but I would like a guide so I can sort stuff out and do I give up work or try to keep going.  I certainly don’t want to spend the last year of my life working but if it’s going to be years I need the money!

    This group looks good and I appreciate the idea we can support each other.

    Good luck with your treatment.x 

  • Thank you I have read your profile and while that must have been awful for you it’s great to hear you are stable and living life more comfortably than you were. 


  • Hi Jacpop and a warm welcome. My advice would be to write down everything you want to ask your oncologist at your appointment! These consultations are very important and you don't want to get home thinking oh I should have asked this or that, so writing them down to take with you is essential I think.

    I am one of the very fortunate ones who is well past my sell by date. I was told RT & chemo didn't work for my type of cancer! I asked if she could find 'anything' I would try it. She found a drug trial and said it may only extend my life by about 6 months but I jumped at the chance.because they are developing new drugs all the time! Immunotherapy hadn't been licensed then but if I have a recurrence, that will be my next line of treatment! We are all in the same boat and it hasn't sunk yet!

    Love Annette x

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  • Thank you that’s great to hear and good advice.  I am a positive person so hearing all these positive messages is great and really helping.