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Have decided to continue with my ‘watch and wait’ approach. My CEA marker has gone from 10 to 25 in six months and the largest of the lymph nodes with secondary cancer has grown from 9mm to 22mm in the same period. Radiotherapy has been discussed but when my oncologist presented my case to MDT they could not agree if a course of radiotherapy would be therapeutic at this time and left the decision to me!

I don’t have a long bucket list but I do want to see the Northern Lights. With this in mind we have a cruise to Iceland booked for mid-March. I feel I need to tick this box to help me continue my fight. Whilst the radiotherapy could begin before my cruise date there is a chance it will make me feel worse than now, hence my decision. 

I will have a PET scan to look forward to on my return and will take it from there.

Have your best day.


  • Hi am so glad, you have booked the trip, have to say, that would ne on my bucket list.

    Have a lovely break away, then come back and take it from there.

    You know which way you are going, and it was your choice, and you are in control, as such.

    Bon Voyage xx 

  • Hi  

    I'm sorry to read that your cancer seems to be active. Good for you in booking your trip. It will do you good, hope you have a great time.

    A x

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  • Hi MiB, I definitely think you have taken the right decision. The Northern Lights are amazing, we have been lucky enough to have seen them twice. Once when in Skye, the other when we were further north!

    The trip will give you the boost you need to tackle whatever you need to, once you return home!

    Love Annette x

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