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Had a phone call at 9am yesterday to fill a cancellation with the Oncology Consultant at 11. Wilma and I went along and it was confirmed that any treatment would only be palliative. To this end, and to alleviate the chest pain, I will have 5 sessions of radiotherapy as soon as possible. This will be concentrated on an area of muscle between the ribs where the cancerous cells are pressing.

After that if it’s been suggested that I could possibly have some form of chemotherapy (GemCarbo) to provide some comfort. To be confirmed after radiotherapy.

Immunotherapy has been ruled out as the cancer is not the appropriate type for this. An alternative of 2 types of chemo together with a form of immunotherapy was proposed but this could be damaging and only extend life expectancy by 4-6 weeks. The consultant estimates my current life expectancy as being between 6-9 months.

  • Time Scales, are only a guide, they do not know really.

    All chemo is damaging in one way.

    Get the radiotherapy done and out the way, and then see, what the next step may be.

    I had Radiotherapy, with no side effects xxxas such.

    This at times, is a hard and long journey, we are all on, though we keep going, till we reach the end.

    I wish you well on this bumpy road, keep us updatedxx

  • Hi, Ellie is right of course, the time scale is at best a guess as no one knows! I was given 7-9 months a very long time ago.

    As Ellie says, get the Radiation done first and take it from there. Since diagnosis I have tried to just take each day as it comes and deal with whatever crops up. There is no point in playing the "what if" game because it may never happen. It's not easy being on this roller coaster but as well as speeding up, it can also slow down! Try to stay positive, lots of us here have passed our sell by dates, so I hope that helps! Stay in touch!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi  

    It's good that your appointment was brought forward by filling the cancellation slot but it's a lot to take in for you. I had 5 sessions of radiotherapy for symptom control and 6 cycles of chemo and I am still currently stable. My treatment ended in Sept 2022. Immunotherapy is not suitable for my cancer either. As Ellie and Annette have said, do the radiotherapy and see from there. I wish you all the best for your treatment.

    A x

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  • Thanks for your reassurance Ellie, Annette & Sistermoon.

    When I first came tom this section a couple of weeks ago, I was reassured by those who had ben incurable for a few years after diagnosis.

    I am used to RT as I had 30 sessions for throat cancer, Starting in June in 2021 and received the all-clear in November.

  • Hi, In that case the RT obviously worked for you. Let's hope it works again and by that time they will have found a new treatment or even a Drug Trial for you to go on! Where there's life there's hope! You've got this! Please let us know when you start the RT and how it is going please!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!