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Hello All,

While speaking with the Macmillan Lung Cancer Specialist Nurse on Thursday, I was informed that my PD-L1 results showed less than 1% and that Immunotherapy would not be suitable.

I am now awaiting an appointment to speak with an oncologist to see where we go from here.

Take Care,

  • Hi Bob, I am so sorry to hear this, you must be so upset but hopefully your Oncologist will have a plan B and will tell you all about it when you go for your appointment! Also will you ask what they can do to rectify the PD-L1 result! Good luck!

    Love Annette x

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  • Unfortunately they won’t be able to “rectify”:the PD-L1 result. It’s a simple measure of the percentage of cells carrying PD-L1 in the tumour sample. At less than 1% (or for several cancers less than 10%), PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitors like Pembrolizumab don’t have any effect. 

    On the other hand it might be considered a good thing to not have PD-L1 as the PD-1/PD-L1 pathway is the mechanism such tumours use to ‘hide’ from the immune system, and a significant factor in why they can be hard to treat. My metastatic TNBC is of the PD-L1 variety  Nothing worked on the cancer until I went on pembro, unfortunately I can’t have any more of it as it worked so well it enabled my immune system to attack several important organs that use the same pathway to be protected from an over enthusiastic immune system. 

    Good luck with your appointment, Bob. 

  • Hi  

    Hello Bob, I'm sorry immunotherapy is not an option for you. Hope you get an alternative plan soon.

    A x

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