Horrible experience during bone scan

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I had a bone scan (with nuclear injection)two days ago and thought I would be OK with it, as, compared to an mri its open on the sides and not that enclosed.

But,  I hadn't realised that claustrophobia can be triggered by having a big, heavy, wide metal plate hovering centimetres  (yes you read that right - it was centimetres) from my face.!

I got myself through most of it by singing 10 green bottles every rime I saw the plate coming around again .

The whole thing took roughly an hour. I was OK (just) right up until the last ninute or so, whixh is when I completely lost it and started waving my arms about and shouting. You need to Stop this. Now! Get me out of here! (I'm a celebrity?  lol)

The technician was a bit humpty. a d said "if we stop now, we'll have to te-do the whole thing. You've only got 15 seconds left".

It was the longest 15 seconds of my life and when it was over,  I was shaking and burst into tears.

A child and rhen an elderly man had it done before me, and they seemed OK.  I  must just be a wuss!

I've always been alright with ct scans and have had numerous radiotherapy sessions with no problems, but this blooming thing really Got Me. I don't know how people cope with mri's!

I still feel stressed about it, and wanted to tell someone about it.

Thanks for listening x

  • Hi Harebelle, Well good for you for getting yourself through it! I don't have any problems with scans usually but when I had a bone scan they had to place a metal plate across my body and it was down onto my thighs and was very heavy. As I have nerve damage on my thighs the pain was terrible. After 5 minutes my whole body started to shake as the pain was getting too much. The person doing the scan said, " Oh do try to lie still" I couldn't even reply so he stopped the scan and when the nurse came in she saw how distressed I was and took my BP,  she told him to fetch a doctor. Who said he would give me a vallium injection to which I agreed. The scan took 75 minutes and towards the end I started to feel the pain but managed to stay still.

    Sometimes these things happen and I'm sure they must get used to it. Everyone is different!

    I remember from before that you have a genuine fear of MRI scanner. Now I am terrified of the dentist and no matter how much I tell myself not to be silly, everyone else manages etc it makes no difference. Also because I am so nervous, the injections to numb my mouth don't work at the time, then about 5 hours later, my whole mouth is numb! I don't go unless I have toothache then after a Quick Look (without touching me) she gives me a sedative, does what needs to be done and that's it. I can't get a check up or polish & scaling without being knocked out, so she does everything at once.

    So don't you beat yourself up about it, this is not your fault. A genuine fear is a horrible thing! Please let us know when you get your results!

    Here you never have to apologise, or thank people for listening, that's what this Group is for. We support one another and you can tell us how you really feel! Glad you got it off your chest!

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi Anettre,

    It's good that the nurse picked up on your discomfort.  Some of thrm truly are angels.

    I remember being in a lot of pain during a bone biopsy (over a year ago now)

    I tried telling the person doing it that it was painful but he was quite dismissive.  A nurse must have seen my face on a monitor as she rushed in and told him to give me more numbing injection. She basically tore a strup off him.

    Thank goodness for nurses. 

  • Sorry you had such an awful experience, and also sorry you are in the situation where you need these scans. I doubt if anyone likes them, but they have to be done. I would imagine the staff have seen, and dealt with, just about every reaction imaginable. All the best for your results. 

  • Hi  

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience, it sounds awful. I've not had a bone scan but my first CT contrast was really painful going in. They had to stop the machine, not sure if it was my thin veins or my arm wasn't straight enough. It's made me a bit nervous at that point ever since although all scans that followed have been fine. Never be afraid to ask them to stop, if you're not coping, they need to attend to you. Best wishes for your results.

    A x

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  • Hi Harebelle I agree with the others. Fear is fear, you can’t just pull yourself together! I was afraid of going head first in the MRI, but thought about my breathing thanks to my Pilates instructor. By the time the machine started jiggling, I had to stop myself from laughing. I think it may have been slight hysteria! No medical professional should ever make you feel like a numpty. Maybe if they’d taken a bit more time before they started, they could’ve prevented you from feeling so afraid. I hope you get your results soon.

  • I do t mind ct scans. Everything's really open and there's nothing right up close to your face.