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Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry to tell you that NAN7 died on 9th December '23. 
Nan7 joined us in 2021, so her journey wasn't long but a difficult one. She told me in October that there was nothing more they could do and she was moving into St. John's Hospice, which was near her home.
We had kept in contact until recently when she sent me her goodbye message. She was well looked after in the hospice seeing Howard and the family daily.

 As I am in Scotland, I can't be there at her funeral but if anyone is in Doncaster and wants to pay their respects, please get in touch with me for details.

Nan7 (Helen) was a lovely lady who decided not to post near the end of life because she did not want to upset new members and she said she didn't know what to say, so asked me to post for her after she died!

  • Helen, was a kind , gentle soul ,it is sad, more so this time of the year.

    Thoughts are with all her family,, another bright star, at Christmas,


  • CryCry

    It's lovely to get her rationale, afterwards.  It makes it a proper goodbye.  

  • Hi  

    Hello Annette, sorry to hear this news. Thank you for letting us know. Love to Helen's family and friends.

    A x

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  • Hello anndanv, I am so sorry to hear about your friend NAN7. Although i never new her, as i live in Doncaster and go to St Johns Hospice myself i would be proud to represent her friends on the community. Just let me know where and when the service is. If anyone knows what her favourite flowers were i will get her some. take care. Eddie

  • What a lovely gesture Eddie.  You have to connect to AnnDanv and then you can send and receive private messages.  Click on her green bold user name    then the Connect button in the top right corner and then wait for her to accept!  

  • Hello Mmum, Done as you suggested, Take care Eddie

  • Hi Eddie, I will forward you the email with the details via Personal Message Page as I have accepted your friends request. Thank you!

    The family have said family flowers only and are asking for donations to McMillan using Helen's name to donate.

    I have sent you a Personal message you access via top right, next to your login avatar that looks like an envelope.

    Love Annette x

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  • So sorry to hear this sad news Annette,  thanks for letting us know. Helen was a lovely lady and is sadly missed. R.I.P. Helen your journey is over. XX


  • Thanks for relaying this news Annette. Helen was a lovely lady. Sending my condolences and thoughts to her family. Rainie x

  • Sorry just read this very sad news, RIP Helen you are a big miss.