The interim immuno results are in.....

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So the interim results are in, just had call with oncology.....
Scans have shown progression however this was to be expected and she is confident that this is likely to be the pseudo progression. We understand this to be where the tumours appear to get bigger as the blood vessels fill up before they die off and there is stabilisation.
She is going to rescan me mid January and this will determine if it is responding to treatment, we have decided to stick on the fortnightly treatment cycle to maintain momentum and hopefully stave off the side effects, as she was adamant worse with doubling.
Also going to put me on thyroxine to manage elevation - not sure if that has any further side affects to add but we shall see.
So limbo land remains for now and we carry on life living with the mofo!
  • Hi, the same happened to me,, though my oncologist said, if after three still progression, then it will be stopped. As you said, they do and can expect growth.

    Mine stabilized and i carried on for two years. Onwards and Upwards. xx

  • Interesting, onco sugested stopping if not working on next scans!

  • I went on it first when was licenced by NICE, i had pemetrexed , and it was every three weeks for two years, now people receive it every six weeks, things change so much.

    My thyroid , started to play up, but settled down, and if it had not would have been medication, the same as tests for diabetes , as treatment can cause that at times..  I wish you well.

  • Hi GeneS, Things do sometimes get worse before they get better, so I do hope that is the case with you!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Yes same thing here...but after another 4 weeks it was shrinking, thyroids took about 3 years to get stable and find the right dose. But hey, now 8 years later i'm still here.