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Hi everyone had an appointment with my oncologist yesterday that brought more bad news. 

Had an abcess removed from my vulva and a biopsy of the skin around showed its recurrent squamous vulva cancer. 

The cancer is resistant to the chemo carboplatin and I now have secondary bone cancer with a tumour on left hip that's at risk of fracture. Awaiting hip pinning asap. Need an MRI before which I'm petrified about. Have got sedatives to take so hopefully be ok. 

After hip pinning am being given cisplatin chemo and another one  fluorouracil the latter via an infusion pump that's delivered slowly over two days so come home with it.  Having denosumab to haelp bones. Radiotherapy can then be done to that area.

Feeling shocked didn't get much sleep last night but just got to soldier on no choice. 

Take care


  • Oh I'm so sorry to read this.  Sending <<hugs>>.  

  • Oh Sue

    Sorry to hear this, and i have no words, and that is not me, could talk, for England.

    They are, on the case, and that is really good, a lot to take in, no wonder, you could not sleep.

    .Keep us updated, and thoughts are going with you. x

  • Hi Sue

    So sorry for you news, take things easy, I understand your petrified but just take things one step at a time, and anytime you want some support or a chat we will be here for you.

    Take care Donna

  • Hi  

    Very sorry to read this but I'm glad that there is a plan for you. My left hip fractured due to endometrial cancer. I didn't know it at the time, just thought the pain was becoming worse. The oncologist saw it on CT about 6 months on from end of treatment. Mine is healing due to RT treatment. My endometrial cancer also has a squamous cell element. Dr Google says that's rare but not sure if he's right.

    How are you doing walking. I found it very difficult and draining. I remember getting upset trying to make the bed, it was so frustrating. I got a walking stick from Amazon in the end as the limping was doing my back in.

    Keep going Sue, there's more that can be done treatment wise. Hope the MRI and hip pinning goes ok.

    A x

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  • Thank you so much for your kind reply. Got crutches from physio at the moment as they want me to avoid weight bearing on the left hip due to risk of fracture. Got MRI booked for tomorrow. Hopefully get pinning done next week. 

    Sue x

  • Thank you Donna. MRI done and dusted. Had sedation and it was ok. 

  • Hi Suze, Sorry I'm late to answer but I'm pleased you made it through the scan, I know how you dreaded those so I'm pleased you had sedation. Hope the pinning goes smoothly!

    Love Annette x

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  • Thanks Annette. Yes it's a relief to get it over. Just waiting for the pinning then can get back on my feet and start the chemo. 


  • I’m so sorry reading your post. I can’t imagine how difficult that must’ve been to hear. I hope that the treatment you have to come is kind to you. You’re due some good luck.