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Hi All,

Well earlier today, yes on a Saturday, our main phone rung, no name came up on the screen so Vince said to just leave it but by that time I had picked it up. You can imagine the shock when I put it on speaker and it was Vince's Consultant Surgeon asking to speak to him. So many things go through your mind in just seconds, like Why is he phoning at the weekend, Are things that bad, how will we cope.

So I gave the phone to Vince and the Consultant asked how he had been doing since his surgery. At the moment he has a viral infection, our GP told him there was a lot of it about and it can last up to four weeks. He was told to go back to the GP if it lasted into the fifth week. Then he apologised for phoning on a Saturday but he didn't want us waiting and worrying until Vince's appointment which is on 30th November. The Histology was back and there was no spread and he's confident he got it all so there is no need for chemo! WOW!!

Of course he will be checked regularly from now on.

I'm sure you can imagine how relieved we both were, in fact we were both in tears by the time we hung up the phone.

I would just like to thank each and every one who reacted or replied to my last two posts. You will never know just how much your support meant to me, so thank you.

I hope anyone waiting for results gets similar news!