Still Mable, wondering about the radiation from CT scans

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Hi everyone 

I'm delighted to say that my latest scan shows stable disease. It's about 30 months since I finished the palliative chemotherapy that was going to extend my life by possibly 12 months. I feel really fortunate to be be here and still not needing treatment. 

Now I am wondering about the extra radiation I get each time I have a CT scan. I know that I still need follow up scans but I am wondering if I would be better off with MRI scans. Has anyone else had this conversation with their team? I have raised the issue with my consultant in the past and he spoke to the radiologists who said stick to CTs, I have asked again this time and he said he would discuss it with the radiologist again and get back to me.

If anyone else had any experience or thoughts on this I'd be keen to hear from you. 

Best wishes from Stable me! 

  • Glad your still Stable.

    I have an MRI coming up with contrast dye, then a few weeks later a CT Scan with contrast dye, on my last visit to see my Oncologist which was September, i said the same thing, every 3 months with dye, will have radiation poison next, all the scans, over my my  diagnosis , her reply if you where younger you would not be getting so many, make of that what you will, Last year i had a problem,, took them a year to make their mind up, hence another 9 scans.

    I hope you get an  answer, and i await to hear, what is said.

  • wonderful news that things have stabilized, from a fellow terminal who has had 42 scans, 34  CT this year  and never once was it discussed or meds offered, only keep away from pregnant women and children warning, and feeling ok i would imagine you should be fine. I do not think gender would be an issue anyway. After 18 months of HT  and 20 aggressive RT i am not too sure what gender i am anymore. PS any concerns should ce discussed with your medical team. take care

  • Fantastic news,May it stay like that for a very long time!

    My Oncologist changed the timing of my MRI & CT scans by making the gap between them a bit longer each time. However that was only after 5 years of 3 monthly scans, it then went to 4 monthly, then 6 monthly. She told me when she made it six monthly that it was mainly because I have Osteoarthritis and the Trial drug had accelerated this and she didn't want to damage my joints with scans.

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Thanks for the replies, I will let you know what my oncologist tells me x


  • Yes i was thinking that to after now 8 years of scans etc...but i think it's worth it. 

    Oh and i am in the stable mable club again to....hugs to you

  • Just seen this Ms S, great news

  • Thanks Bran x


  • I've had a response today, because of the location of my tumour, in my duodenum, an MRI scan can't give an accurate picture due to peristalsis. So I be keeping on with the CT scans. 


  • Morning Sarah, just read your diary, it has certainly given me a little more hope, they say your battle with cancer is 50% treatment and 50% down to the patient so well done to you. Sorry to hear your scan  was inconclusive due to peristalsis problems, i hope your doctor can find the cause quickly, please take care, Eddie