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Hi all earlier this week I feel comforted I met a friend at church who  heard I had stomach cancer . She then  asked if I had linitis plastica.  I nearly fell of the pew .this is the 1st time I have connected with someone who has connection with my type of cancer. 

Her husband had linitis plastica but had the option to remove his stomach  - I don't 

She asked if mine had gone to lymph nodes . I said not yet 

She has offered to come and chat with me to explain her experiences with her hubby . 

This will help as the chemotherapy unit haven't had any experience of it , nor had the consultant . 

I am hoping this will help me prepare for the next few months 

The more information I have the more I can prepare 

Hope this makes sense 

  • Hi  

    I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis but glad to hear you've connected with this lady. It will be helpful to you in knowing what to expect. Everyone is different but it will be interesting for you to compare. Hope it goes well and is not too upsetting.

    A x

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  • Thankyou for replying. Since my diagnosis on 1st Aug I am realising how many variables there are trying to prepare . I am in the middle of writing my end  of life plan , and emergency health care plan so hoping to get some other thoughts that I honestly haven't considered 

  • Hi Quirky Lady. I am sorry but i know nothing about your cancer, luckily you have found a friend to guide you. I am terminal so to me it seems normal  to prepare for the end while i am doing well and reassuring to know wherever i find myself later my wishes will be followed. I have done my will and funeral done a holistic needs assessment, discussed it with those closest to me.  i have made sure my donor card is up to date and  have a meeting at human science department  to donate my body. Many people will think this weird but i find it comforting and one thing less to worry about.  PS i have not given up hope and am enjoying life Quirky Lady i wish you  all the best on your journey, regarding your friend esems like someone up there is looking out for you. take care.

  • It's bizarre we are all going to die but we just have a bit more of an indication when . I was given months on 1st Aug  .but still eating , and on whole feel good . My journey isn't over yet 

  • I can’t imagine how scary it must be to be told you have such a rare cancer. Thank whichever god or spirits you believe in that you’ve found someone who can help.

  • My faith has helped so much   and joining this online community is so supportive 

  • Hi Quirky Lady, l, hopefully, have a little more time than months and have actually been told I won’t feel unwell whilst the secondary cancer is contained within my lymphatic system. It’s just plain weird knowing there is something inside that is killing you but feeling, in general, well. On the plus side it does mean I can and do live the time left to me as fully and happily as possible.

    Like eddiel I have taken comfort in being able to plan for the end. I have even prepared a ‘When I’m Gone’ playlist for my family, so, I, for one, don’t find those type of activities weird.

    We all find comfort in different ways - I don’t have a faith - but am glad yours is providing you with comfort.

    Kind regards.


  • Hi Maninbath. i was told straight away my cancer was terminal, not "treatable" which is what they prefer to say, by oncologist, my GP and urologist  had already told me i had cancer. and  it had already spread. I have serious heart issues one of which is it does not  like anaesthetic so my treatments are limited. I am surprisingly ok with that and the  fact it is now in five organs, I have been through HT+RT and wait to see. whats next if anything but planning for the end helps me make the most of my time which i am enjoying  which is the only planning  i  want to do for as long as i can   take care