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Hi everyone I haven’t posted for a few days as I’ve been having a little trouble processing my current situation. I saw the liver specialist on 3rd October. He said surgery is on the table and we’ve agreed to go ahead. My oncologist had said that if I have the surgery, then I should get 2-3 years if it’s successful. The surgeon suggested that after surgery I’ll be cancer free. I don’t know who to listen to now. Can anyone relate to this?

  • Hi Jools,

    It is difficult disappointing receiving such mixed messages. I wonder if it is because your cancer has already spread beyond your primary cancer so removing the tumour now will clear that but there may be cancer cells in your body that are currently inactive? I am currently stable off treatment with no sign of active cancer but I am getting regular CT scans to look for any new activity.

    Can you contact your liaison nurses to ask for clarification? 

    Good luck with the surgery xx


  • Hi, sorry i cannot relate, to it, and that is hard, to process, my thoughts, as long there was no spread, thats how i would look at it if it was me.

    Some times they just do not know,  can understand, about trying, to process it.

    Others will pop in i am sure, and some one might, be able, to relate to it.

    What ever you decided has to be  right for you.

    Thoughts go with you,

  • Consultants et al have many opinions on it, or perhaps they just communicate it in different ways. 

    Some will say X years, but it's an estimate, it has to be!  One of my oncologists says he tells people an average of X years.

    Some consultants refer to "no evidence of disease".  Others say "cured".  My other oncologist questions whether anyone can be completely cured of cancer.    

    I believe "Cancer free" is defined as there being no trace on a scan. 

  • Thanks for your reply Sarah. This is the second spread from my primary, which is why I don’t understand. The oncologist also said in her letter that she is looking at getting funding for an expensivFlushedchemo when I need it. Flushed

  • Thanks Ellie. I think you’re right. I appreciate your help. 

  • Thanks Mmum. That makes sense. I appreciate your reply.

  • Hi Jools, It is confusing when consultants tell you different things but as Mmum said, consultants have different ways of expressing themselves!

    Honestly, if I had been told the same, I would be concentrating on the positive that both have said, cancer free and 2-3 years!
    I think they are both positive because when you think of how far treatment has come in the last 2-3 years it has been amazing! By the sound of things, your Oncoligist already seems to have that in hand!

    I would be getting on with preparing for the surgery and looking forward to getting my strength back after that. When are you having the surgery?

    To me this would sound all good!

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi  

    I am in this position now that you mention. My cancer was taken away by surgery but it had already spread to lymph nodes. It eventually spread to lung and bone and I was told I was stage 4 incurable but treatable. I had palliative chemo and radio for symptom relief. My CT after treatment showed no active cancer but my oncologist said that it doesn't mean it's not there. Because it had become systemic/travelled through my body it can't be cured and I remain at stage 4. I have regular scans to check that the cancer is still stable and has not become active.

    Any person that has a stage 1-3 is able to be cured, though as Mmum says, is there even such a thing. Cancer is cancer, whatever the stage and as I read recently - cancer will find a way of returning because that is what it does. 

    Hope this helps

    A x

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  • Thanks for your reply Annette. I’ve only just read your comment. I need to start looking at this in a different way. You’ve really helped me see a different perspective! X

  • Thanks for your reply sistermoon. I love how you have given me more food for thought! I’m almost too afraid to believe that I can put some of this behind me for a while. X