Perifferal neurotheropy

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Just wondering if anyone else has developed this as side effect from chemo in the hands shins and feet? I know that diabetics also suffer from this and I keep seeing adds for some socks that seems to help! h

Has any body on here purchased them and found them any good. I know I could have some medication to help with pain but I have declined as this also has side effects and I’m loathe to put myself through more whilst I can tolerate the discomfort. I think I will chance buying the socks but thought I would ask you all your thought on this.

sunshine here in London so hope you are all enjoying a nice Sunday Heart

  • Hi loony,

    I have the same problem with my feet, it is just pins and needles, I don't have any pain.  My oncologist said it is caused by my medication. am not sure what socks you are referring to, I use some diabetic socks they just have a loose top to them, they don't grip my legs as tight as ordinary socks, but they don't make any difference to the pins and needles

    Good luck with your quest,  kind regards, Cindy 

  • Hi loony

    I have this side effect, and like you was told it was my medication and like you I was offered medication but declined for the same reasons as you. At worst I get pins and needles in my feet and hands and both of these areas get very cold as well. I've tried the socks but I didn't find them effective, so I just put up with it, it's not so bad as I can't walk or pick things up so I just get on with it, I do massage my feet and hands a couple of times a day and that seems to help sometimes. 

    It's raining here today, have a great day


  • Hi  

    I've got a bit of neuropathy in my hands, mainly the right one. But I'm finding that i am developing painful joints as well. As if, after treatment I am aging quicker. Mainly hands, knees and no, not bumpsadaisy .....ankles of all things. Anyway, a lovely champion was telling me that he uses stress balls to improve circulation. I got one in the works shop, just a squeezey ball. Worth a try. I've used it but it just creates more pain in my elbows, which has been a problem for the last 8 years, wear and tear from previous job. Good luck with the socks.

    A x

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  • Hi. I have permanent neuropathy in the digits of both hands from chemotherapy. On bad days they real hurt - not pins and needles more like a burn.I find keeping them warm helps some so have bought some bamboo cotton gloves that I wear when out and about. I also wear diabetic socks, mainly because I have quite a lot of fluid retention in my right foot/ankle and normal socks grip too tight. I have found the ‘Norfolk’ diabetic socks wear quite quickly. Came across some others in a boutique clothes store that seem to be wearing better but can’t remember who makes them, sorry.

    Kind regards.