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Hi everyone hope you are all ok! Not sure how long it will last but the sun is out here in London Sun with face ! Yesterday I went for my scan results! I had not been well last week and the 6th round of firflori has really knocked me out so I had made up my mind to stop the chemo! The scan result was positive C has remained static and no spread! After chatting about how I felt and my blood results which were not good the team decided that I might benefit from another blood transfusion just one unit so that is being arranged. Also I had developed a cough which on examination was a chest infection so a five day course of antibiotic! To aid my recovery they decided to cancel this weeks chemo (number 7) and postpone for a week in order to give me recovery time and hopefully get the transfusion done. It is so nice when the team listen to you and you can work together so yes I have decided to carry on with the treatment which is going to be tweaked so I don’t get so tired! 

As Ive said before always tell the team exactly how you feel and work together there is usually a solution and a chance this will not be my last post, until the next time stay positive x

  • Have a Break as you say, then go forward, glad you spoke to your team, that is what they are there for.

    Nice One xx

  • Hi  

    Great news! Thank you for your positive post, it's great news for you but gives us hope as well, the positivity rubs off! Get well soon from the infection and the blood transfusion will make you stronger for the chemo. Best wishes for your ongoing treatment.

    A x

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  • Hi Loony, That is great news! No wonder you weren't feeling good! You had a chest infection! We automatically think it is something to do with the cancer but it isn't! A break will do you good too and help the antibiotics work. The first time my oncologist suggested a break in treatment, because of side effects, I panicked a bit but she explained it does your body good and even when you stop treatment, it continues to work. Hope you feel better soon!

    Love Annette x

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  • Had transfusion last week and finished antibiotics Saturday. Feeling better than I did. Had bloods done today and saw consultant having number seven session this Thursday followed every other week until number 12! They are going to reduce the volume so hopefully I will not get so tired. So by November I hope to have another break and a scan that will be as good as the last one. Stay positive and remember every day is a blessingx