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Hi everyone, some of you might have noticed that I have not been posting,the reason for this is that I have been in Hospital for 11 days as I had an infection which turned to sepsis.

For the first 3 days I was totally unaware of what was happening, I remember that there were four people at my bedside wanting me to sign a DNR.

My spouse Told me later that they did not expect me to recover as all of my organs were shutting down, she also told me that I had been given an enema I went to the loo, and I had filled the bowl so much with a green jelly like poo they had to call maintenance in to empty the bowl.

I was removed from the high dependency unit to a recovery ward with five other men, four normal and one with Alzimers, the nurses removed my antibiotic drip and started giving me the antibiotics via an injection six times over 24 hours,I was still on oxygen, saline drips, a catheter, and a heart monitor.

Usual routine was to be woken up at 5am for Blood pressure, temperature, blood sugars, antibiotic injection, urine and blood samples.

Breakfast at 9am repeat the above, Lunch at 12pm repeat above supper at 5 pm repeat above,

Lights out at 10pm repeat the above, during the night only antibiotics are given.

I did not eat anything for the first week in the recovery ward, my stomach was full of water, eventually I was taken off everything leaving only a cannula for the antivirals to be injected.

First breakfast I tried was toast eggs and tomatoes, the eggs were so Vile, so I alternated between, toast with beans or tomatoes, for lunch I twice had a chicken dinner, and once fish and chips, so my spouse started bringing me soup, sandwiches and crisps in yum yum.

Through my stay in hospital a young nurse Called Chichi took to me and went out of her way to look after me I made her laugh, she had never come across the expression “ working my ticket”

But she got it after an explanation.

I asked my spouse to get a box of chocolates so I could give them to Chichi, unfortunately on the day I was told I could go home Chichi was sitting her sisters exam, so I had to leave them for her, they nurse I left them with told my wife i'm not surprised, although we are not supposed to have favourites' your husband is definitely Chachi's favourite. 


  • I will never eat green jelly again, the thought of it. lol

    Your here to tell the tale, that is the best news, xxx

  • Good to hear from you again!!  Missed you!  I did wonder why you were telling us that Chichi was sitting an exam on behalf of her sister ie cheating, but then I got it.  

  • There you are!! What an absolute horrible time you have had, and what an awful worrying time for your wife too! Scary for you both, but so glad to hear you are now back home. Good to have you back !! X 


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  • Hi Mmum, thanks for your nice comments, sorry about confusing you.

  • Hi Chelle, thanks for your nice comments, much appreciated.

  • Hi Ulls so good to see you posting again. Sepsis? Tell me about it! That's what I went in to hospital with last year. My wife wasn't allowed to go in the ambulance with me, I didn't know whether I would see her again and she the same. 

    On the way in, the ambulance man said I was like a radiator because my fever was raging (I wasn't too happy either, boom boom!) When I got to hospital the first thing happened was I was surrounded completely with pillows stuffed with ice. I was freezing! Even worse was when the ice melted and I became so wet and cold. 

    Turned out that I had an infection, like you, it was a chest infection, no symptoms. So I had IV antibiotics 4 times a day for 10 days before getting home. I had one woman and a man on the ward who were both sedated because they were shouting and so angry with everyone.

    Keep strong my friend.


    Love life and family.
  • Omg my friend

    What a time you and your wife have had, it's so good to hear you got through thanks goodness for the lovely soup ECT your wife supplied for you. You did manage to confuse me with the exam and sister part of your post I thought perhaps delirium had set in whilst you was writing it, then I got with it and as you usually do had me laughing. I hope you continue to recover. Stay strong hugs to you both xxx


  • Hi Ulls, Good to see you posting! Now that's what I call inspirational! Glad you're home in the arms of your wife, who will spoil you I'm sure & you deserve it! There must be something wrong with me because I knew exactly what you meant about her sitting her exam!!

    I'm sure a lot of the credit must go to your wife for bringing you in things you could eat! Everyone in hospital should have someone bringing them in food to help them get better quicker.

    Now you can kick back and enjoy your own surroundings, it is magic when you get home to your own bed and the kettle can go on because you feel like a cuppa not because it is a certain time of the day! Enjoy being pampered & get your strength back!

    Love Annette x

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  • So glad you're back on your feet and feeling better, scary times.

    Keep well.

    Cat x

  • Hi Tvman, well I didn't want to bore everyone with the full story,just enough so everyone would know and a it of humour, I'm waiting for a date for operation on gut as that was the source of infection.