Palliative chemotherapy

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Hi, I have just been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and have been told I will be getting palliative chemotherapy. What does this mean. What is a chemotherapy cycle

  • Hi Mark

    Chemotherapy, comes normally cycles, i had four cycle, one every three weeks, I was stage four from the start with lung cancer.

    Treatable though not curable.I had four cycles, though stopped, working then had another four different combo.

    The i was offered immunotherapy/which i did for two years, every three weeks,

    Every one is so different, in their chemo combs.

    You ask anything you wish to know, others will be along, and will welcome you

    The group of incurables, are a world of information, and we will answer if we have that answer to give.

    Sorry you have had to find us, but a lovely group of people, all in the same boat, and  we hold each other up, and will not let you sink, as such,


  • Hi Mark 

    Sorry that you find yourself in this group.  I don't really post on here but do read others' posts and sometimes will comment.

    A cycle of chemotherapy is how long you will have the chemotherapy for. It could be once a week for a few months or once a month for 6 months etc.

    The palliative treatment is a term used when the cancer cannot be cured. Your oncologist can explain all of this to you once you have got your head around ut all. 

    1. I wish you well. Xx
  • Hi  

    Welcome to the group, I'm sorry to read about your diagnosis but it's good that you can have treatment. I have had palliative chemo which was successful and I am currently stable. If you would like to read my cancer history just click on my username to read my profile. It's a good idea to write a profile yourself so that people can get to know you, compare treatments etc, it also saves you repeating yourself. Just click on your own username, click profile and don't forget to save. You can add to it anytime. 

    I know you'll find lots of support here. Keep posting.

    A x

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  • Hi Mark, 

    I had six cycles of palliative chemotherapy for inoperable small bowel cancer (metastatic adenocarcinoma of the duodenum). The treatment was in three week cycles starting with an infusion on day one, then two weeks of tablets, then a week off. I finished my treatment 2 years ago and have been stable since then.

    Good luck with your treatment, hopefully you have a liaison nurse, mine was very helpful for all my questions.