Carboplatin plus Gemcitabine. Hair Question

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So, after doing Pembrolizumab plus Carboplatin (x4)  plus pemetrexed, then maintenance pemetrexed for a year (had to come off the pembrolizumab after 5 goes,  due to liver toxicities :( Pity that Pembromizulab doesnt come in reduced amounts??  Maybe my body could cope with that???Thinking)

Anyway, I didn't lose my hair with the Carboplatin/Pemetrexed combo,  just a bit of hair thinning, which I don't mind, as I love hats, all styles and by keeping a bit of length I still feel like me.

But now I've been switched to Carboplatin plus Gemcitabine.

Has anyone here had it? Did you lose all your hair? If so,  When did it start.

Did you ask for a cold cap? Did it work?

Any advice appreciated. X

  • Finished 7 weeks ago with Carboplatin plus Gemcitabine.  I lost hair in 2020/2021..with carboplatin and plaxatol BUT this time I didn't lose hair on carboplatin and Gemcitabine , it definitely thinned out...and I have some areas thinner than others. 

    • Hope this helps 
  • Hi Harebelle & Zarasmum,

    Chemo doesn't work for my type of cancer but the drug Trial I was on made my hair very thin and you could see through to the scalp at lots of bits. The Specialist Hairdresser at a Maggie Centre told me to buy Plantar39 and use it regularly but you only need a little to get a lather. After a few weeks I could see and feel the difference in my hair. I still use it now but only about once a month.

    It is a bit expensive for a shampoo but the bottle lasts for ages. Worth a try!

    Love Annette x

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