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Hi Gang, Well to say I haven't had a very good half a year, so far, is not an exaggeration! Why is it when things get worse, sometimes you also get a run of bad luck.

On Tuesday, I had the second of two Iron by IV infusions because the Liver Consultant said even after a blood transfusion plus 4 courses of iron tablets, my blood count was still dangerously low, hence the infusions.

Last week, it took them almost 15 minutes to find a vein, this week, the nurse said it was written on my notes to use the smallest (baby) needle, she got it first time.YEH!!

So 90 minutes later I was ready to go, my husband was waiting. Back to the car in the wheelchair because the car park was too far away to use my crutches. We got to the car, he gave me my crutches, so I could get out of the chair and into the car and OUCH! I knew something was wrong as the pain shot up my arm and I noticed my hand was swollen.

We then went back to the unit where I asked to see the Registrar in the unit. He sent me for an X-ray, you would hardly believe it, the tip of the needle was still in my arm!  

40 minutes and 4 stitches later, we were again ready to leave!

I am a positive person, always have been but I find myself saying What Next?? Can you blame me???

Take care all!

Love Annette

"Yesterday is History Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift"

  • Oh  that is awful! I can’t even imagine how that has happened! I hope it isn’t too sore for you now, but I think that is enough to put you off having further blood tests ! Sending hugs your way xx 


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  • Hope things are sorted now, all sent to try us, so they say,

    Some one has to be different, you ill make sure it does not happen again.

    ,Onward and upwards as we say, xxxx

  • Oh Annette...how awful ...and scary, the needle could have traveled. I'm glad it is out but really...without words. 

  • Omg Annette

    What a sorry state of affairs for you. I hope you recover soon, sending you a big hug xxx


  • Hi Everyone who sent a reply! I appreciate your support.

    It just seems to be one thing after another! Yes Pet, the doctor said I was lucky I found it so quickly or it 'could' have been nasty! To me it was nasty enough. Well bloods in 4 weeks, I just hope after all that, it has worked!

    Vince and I have booked a long weekend break to Dundee. We'd like to see the V&A Museum and the Botanical Gardens there are lovely. We go Friday 16th June, so something to look forward to!

    Thanks again

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!