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Just been told my MBC is stable! 3 tumours gone and fourth is tiny and stable. No more chemo for the moment, still getting a couple Mab's every 3 weeks but so happy. And so lucky - just diagnosed October 2022 so this was my first burst of chemo, 6 rounds of docetaxel, oncologist was bouncing lol took her a while to explain what stable meant but I got there in the end Grin

  • Hello Shiny, a warm welcome to you. We are a very friendly group and I am sure you will enjoy getting to know us all plus we get to know you too! Great news on being ‘stable’ - may that continue indefinitely Heart️. I can see from your profile that you have cats! I love cats and have had them (plus a Border Collie dog Dog) for most of my life. My partner and I have a gorgeous cat called Phoebe. She is 5 years’ old and we adore her. Very best wishes xxxx.

  • Hello shiny that's fantastic news so pleased for you we are a great bunch of people on here so you will get loads of support a very warm welcome to you xxx

  • Stable Mabel is what we  call it, and that is what we all want,you go girl xxx

  • Stable Mable - I love it! 

    Thank you Grin

  • Don't know what I'd do without the furballs. They did cause a bit of a rukus with my baby sister cause one of the first things I did after the diagnosis was set up a plan for them - she thought I should be concentrating on myself. Still haven't told her that right after that I set up a backup plan for them lol

    we had border collies when I was a kid - def keep you active Grin

  • Hi  

    Great news! Just read your profile, you've had a tough time. Glad to hear your cats are helping you through. I'm currently stable as well, long may it last for us both in the stable Mabel club.

    A x

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  • Welcome Shiny, good to hear you’re a Stable Mable, congratulations and long may it last! This group of people are such a lovely bunch, so reassuring to have a group around you who understands what you’re going through and we have a giggle too. 
    Jac x