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I have waited by my phone all day, expecting a call to see if Royal Marsden are accepting me for immunotherapy. Got an email, asking me to log in to confirm an appointment tomorrow. Errrrrm, didn't know I had one.

Managed to create an account on the RM app. MRI booked in for tomorrow afternoon. Got a call this afternoon from MRI dept to invite me to the appointment I had already confirmed online. Apparently they don't use the online system yet. Asked why I need the MRI, told I need to ask my consultant...who could that be???

If you'd told me all the 'hiccups' you can go through, whilst being treated for cancer, before having the sod, I'd never have believed you!


  • Hello JB, what a long and frustrating day for you. It is a real shame that say a Consultant’s secretary or a member of the team hadn’t given you more notice and actual information.  I do have a ‘soft spot’ for the RM as I received all my treatments and operations for my primary breast cancer plus annual mammograms at the Sutton site but one operation was at the site in Fulham Road. Having had at least 2 full body MRIs in the past 18 months, it does give them a really good insight into what our body is doing. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Very best wishes and hang on in there xxxxxxxxxx.

  • Thank you Ruby,

    I am excited about RM, I really hope I pass!

    I am beginning to find things amusing now, rather than stressing too much. Thanks for your best wishes, I am collecting as many as I can.



  • I find that since being diagnosed with cancer, I no longer have to phone-up because the NHS phone me now.  OK, slight exaggeration, but you get the point.  

  • Hi JB2022, there are mix ups sometimes, but we get there in time, like Mmum said the nhs have a hot line to my mobile. Good luck and hope you get the OK for immunotherapy. Sending hugs xx