Scan results today!

Finally after what seems an eternity, I am getting my latest CT scan and Bone scan results today. This time they did a full body scan.The results as always have taken over my thoughts and I am truly terrified this time of receiving them, as I am sure so many people are.

I have been so tired of late and unable to do even the smallest of tasks for long. I have been treated for yet another UTI, which showed nothing when sent away. I have now been told. I have a prolapse and this is causing a lot of my symptoms, regarding not being able to pass urine and constant lower back pain rather than the cancer in my spine. I have been on the waiting list just for a consultation for 3 months it is so debilitating.

I just want to sleep all day I am so tired and we have a coach holiday booked for the weekend to the Isle of Wight, It’s on my bucket list and for my birthday.I’m so scared I won’t be able to go. I am so fed up of crying I thought I would sound off to you guys sorry!


  • Hey Annie,

    So sorry to hear these ongoing issues have dragged you down. Can you arm yourself with medication to help you enjoy your weekend? Maybe you can get a steroid injection or something similar for a short-term boost? Worth asking as soon as you can perhaps. Worrying about your scan results can't be dealt with by taking a pill but if you feel better perhaps a lovely weekend will push your worries to the back of your mind at least for a couple of days. Sending hugs. Rainie x

  • Hi AnnieCB

    Sorry you have been feeling rough, though i hope you had good news regarding your scan results, my thoughts are with you.

    Take Care Elle xx


  • Hi ANNIE Don't be sorry , that's what we are here for. I hope you get to go on your weekend. Sending hugs xx

  • Hi AnnieCB, don't be sorry for sounding of we are all on here to support one another even if we don't know the answers to your problems, I so hope you get to go to the Isle of Wight.

    Its a privilege to talk to you and listen to your problems, all the best Ulls 

  • Annie. Our thoughts wont change the results. I ts going to be what it is. Easy to say but i recognise myself as more than crappy cancer otherwise, whatever time i have left will be consumed by this awful disease. I note IOW. Have a great day. Hope you make it to Sandown and Ventnor, beautiful views to,uplift the spirit. Take care.