Really sore gums

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Hi does anyone no if oncologist can help with sore gums and think I'm getting abcess.  Like give me antibiotics and painkillers.  Its been like this a few days but getting gradually worse. And to top ot of I'm goin out for tea with my son and meeting his partner and My granddaughter for the 1st time today. I will have to see if rice is on the menu or something.  Sorry for waffling on x

  • Hi Bev Give your cancer nurse a call asap and explain the situation. I am on my second treatment and you usually find afterwards that there are things that will ease the issues and pain , Soups and milkshakes help All the Best Minmax

  • Hi. I dont have a cancer nurse .I just go chemo unit for tablets once month x

  • You could try going to an emergency pharmacy tomorrow. They should be able to supply you with a special mouthwash. I have read posts about this before on here, I think it's a common side-effect.

    Otherwise you could contact the chemo clinic on Monday.

    Hope it improves soon!


  • Thank you kate. I'm going to see  if I can see consultant on tue instead of the week after as I've read on Google ( I no you shouldn't) but it says cancer patients should see consultant before a dentist x

  • Hi Bev Usually you will have a 24hr oncology number you can call , Don't suffer all these niggles sometimes big , Jump on then straight away so your not caught out in pain over the weekend  , there is numerous things you can take you just want the correct one , Something that may ease the pain is iced water or a frappe which can give you brain freeze . All the best Minmax

  • How are you getting on Bev? Have you got some medication for your gums? I hope so, as it must have made you miserable!

    Hope you're feeling better.



  • Hiya  I got in to see someone who works alongside consultant yesterday  he gave me some antibiotics.they feel alot better just hope these do the trick .hope you are well xx

  • I also reminded him I need scan as my last one was march. He said oh apart from your gums everything seems fine so will do it in 6 weeks. So basically that's middle August . It's a long time between scans I don't no if that's a good or bad thing. Is it good as they seem to think im fine or should I have had one on the 3 month mark  x

  • Hi Bev

    I'm not sure I can answer your question! 

    I would have thought the only way to tell if you're fine is to do a scan, but if they are confident to wait 6 weeks, that's a good sign. If they were worried, they would do a scan sooner.

    I don't think a few weeks either way will make much difference to the results shown on a scan.....but it is frustrating when you're waiting to know if the treatment is working!

    Try not to worry about it, but get on with doing the things you enjoy and can manage whilst you're having treatment. If you find you are becoming too anxious about waiting till August, I'd give them a ring and see if they can do the scan sooner. No harm in asking!

    Hope the antibiotics do their stuff!