Inflamed itchy sore scalp

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Since chemotherapy and now targeted therapy I've had a very itchy inflamed sore scalp. With some sort of bumps on my scalp.

Don't have dandruff.

Given a body skin wash by Gp but of no use for my scalp.

Can anyone recommend a shampoo.

Thank you.


  • I’ve had similar problems. I’ was suggested to try niotin products by another patient. I have bumps on my scalp too which are sore. Make sure your shampoo and conditioner does not have sulphates in. Palmers have olive oil or coconut in also Holland and Barrett sell good stuff. Bath

  • Hi Doreen, I use E45 dry scalp shampoo and once every 3 weeks neutrogena's T/sal therapeutic shampoo, the salicylic acid being the important ingredient but must be used sparingly, best wishes.

    Eddie xx

  • Thank you.

    I already use shampoo without all the irritating additives 

    Have used a few different ones

    I googled Niotin and couldn't find any info.

    Did you mean nioxin?

  • Thanks I will try this combo.

    My hair is dry so will these be suitable.


  • Doreen I don't have any hair, but my friend who recommended does and hers looks ok, she told me she still uses a conditioner, as for me my scalp and forehead are much better, if you want me to ask my friend anything please just ask.

    Eddie xx

  • Thanks again. 

    Will try these shampoos .