trial number 2

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well today I started my second trial after the first stopped working and chemo has done no good. Its a mixture of Pembrolizumab immunotherapy with a targeting drug Lenvatinib. We will see what happens !!!!!

  • Hi jdog78 and a warm welcome to the forum, though I know you are not new to the community, sorry i have no experience of your second trial drugs to offer any advice, I have only been on here 7 months, but there are many ladies and guys who have been on here many years, many well passed their best before dates with amazing stories and hopefully plenty of advice for you, you will find everyone friendly, supportive  and as we are all in the same boat we understand what it means to be terminal like only we can, my best wishes regarding the trial, take care.


  • Hi jdog78 and a warm welcome to this amazing Group! It is great you have already been on a Trial that has worked to a certain extent because you have already passed your first year. I do hope because one Trial worked, the next one will also work. I couldn't get on the Combo Trial for DAB & Tram so I ended up with just the Target drug with amazing results and have passed my sell by date by many years, as have others in this group.

    There are others here who are already on Combo trials with immunotherapy and target drugs and I hope they pop in to let you know how they are doing! It is irrelevant whether it is your first or fifth Trial, the main thing is to find one that works for you and I sincerely hope this is the miracle worker!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Good luck!  Keep us posted with your progress. 

  • Hope it goes well for you. 

  • jdog78 Good luck with the new trial All the Best Minmax

  • Good luck with the trial, jdog78, never been on a trial, will be interesting to see how it works out for you l.

  • Hi jdog!

    I have stage IV Lung caner also, no surgey as it had spread. Chemo did not work for me but immuno therapy did. I was given 10-12 Months, that was October 2015!!!!! So fingers crossed for you!!

  • Hi Pet1968, hat an amazing story, long may it continue, take care.

    Eddie xx

  • Hi  

    Hope all goes well with the trial and that you get good results.

    A x

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  • Very best of luck