Scan results!

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Hi everyone

Had a phone call from my oncologist this morning with my latest scan results. I wasn't expecting good news, as I've had pains across my abdomen for a few weeks. BUT....I'm still in the Stable Mabel club! No changes since the last fact, no changes since the scan in November 22. I haven't had any treatment since July last year, so I've been stable for a long time now.

He thinks my stomach pains might be gallstones, which showed up on an ultrasound I had last year, but don't show up on my CT scans. I'm to see my GP to arrange another ultrasound if the pain continues. Not sure what could be done if it is gallstones causing the pain, as I'm probably not a candidate for surgery. Wait and see!

No treatment planned for the cancer, as everything is OK, and another scan to monitor things in late August.

Feeling very relieved, and in need of at least one piece of cake to celebrate!

Hope all of you waiting for results get good news too.