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Having sorted out insurance we are now all set but a couple of questions.  Firstly I will be taking morphine tablets and Oramorph in their packaging with the pharmacy labels on in my hand luggage.  Is this likely to cause any problems. Do I need any extra documentation?  Secondly very bad timing but I had to have a new passport and when taking the photo my hair had only just started growing back so I wore my wig.  Now hair is sufficient for me to have ditched the wig but I am assuming I will have to wear it to get through passport control?  Lastly to wear flight socks or not on a 5 hour flight, couple of months ago my ankles could swell occasionally but seem to have got over that. Very grateful to be actually going abroad as I had thought these holidays were finished.

Julie G

  • Hi Jkg

    I can't answer your first two questions, but I'm sure someone will!

    When I had a hysterectomy, years ago, I had to wear the compression socks for a couple of weeks after. I kept them, and always put them on before flying anywhere, even shorter flights. I reckon it's a small inconvenience, and a bit uncomfortable, but better than getting blood clots! I'm not planning to have any more holidays abroad, and feel quite envious of you!

    Have a fab deserve it!



  • Hi Julie, I hope you are getting excited about going away and not worried at all!

    Yes I take my meds in a separate bag, within my hand luggage, so it can be lifted out easily. I take unopened boxes with the pharmacy label on them, if I have opened boxes, I put them in my hold luggage as spares, in case there is any flight delays!  I put the meds in a separate bag, within my hand luggage bag. I too take Oramorph and because liquid is now limited, I also put my prescription in the same bag. Usually they check the Oramorph against the script and check the name on my passport is the same and I have had no problems. We have travelled a lot! I always wear flight socks and my GP advised that when going on any flight over 1 hour, I should take 1 x 75mgs Asprin each day the week before and the week before we travel back. I asked my Oncologist to verify this and she said she would advise the same. You will have to ask  your GP, nurse or Team about yourself obviously because it will depend on what other drugs you are taking. 
    The question about the wig is not one I can answer from experience, I would ask your Travel Agent or call the Airline Helpdesk. Honestly ladies change their hairstyle (& even the colour) quite a lot, so I wouldn't think it would be a problem. It is worth asking, just so you have peace of mind, then you can get on with the important packing!

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi Julie

    Glad you've sorted everything and can look forward to your holiday

    Like Annette I just pop any meds with labels on in a separate bag in hand luggage but last time they did take out the liquid medication which then had to go in with my under 100ml toiletries bag!

    As far as wig is concerned I would agree ladies (and men! ) change their hair style so often different to passport but ring to make sure if in doubt.

    Finally I would 100% wear flight socks on a five hour flight it's just not worth the risk

    Have a great time


  • Every time I have a review with oncology, they send a letter to my GP which always starts with the same summary of my diagnosis / situation, and includes action plan. They are available in the NHS app. If you have something similar, it might be worth taking a copy with you?  The customs&excise site of the country you are visiting might outline any documentation you need to bring controlled medication for personal use into the country.

    I wouldn’t worry about hair / passport. If you go through automated passport gates, they are using biometric data based on your features. Distance between eyes, eyes and nose etc. Even with a human, they are quite used to hairstyles changing. 

    Flight socks are probably a good idea. 

  • Hi

    Thank you everyone for your advice.  I will take unopened medication and my prescription which lists all medication.  I have some compression sock so will put them on.  Talking to loads of people the opinion seems to be hairstyle doesn't matter but I will put my wig in hand luggage just in case.  My hair has grown sufficient but my hairdresser who is also a friend suggested she cut some shape into it.  I was a bit horrified but it looks amazing, how can cutting it make it seem longerRelaxed I have had nails done and a facial so I feel more confident then I have for ages. Just got to pack now.  Hope more of you will be able to get away wherever it is.

    Julie G