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Hi all, I had my scan results today and not the best news I have got used to reading between the lines on scan results sometimes good and sometimes not so good.

This one showed I have grown several new tumors in my liver which I could have guessed as had lots of bloating and pain around the liver area , but as the scan showed all my other tumors are stable I'm going to get at least two more months tablets with a scan in late June to see if it's time to stop treatment or go again.

So more questions than answers really hope everyone has been enjoying the weather had the first BBQ of the year tonight so not all bad keep smiling Ryan 

  • Hi Ryan

    Yes been lovely here as well.

    Perhaps not the best of news, and takes us of guard, when things have been going quite smoothly.

    Well 2 more months of treatment, and then see what occurs, we have to keep going forward.

    So my friend its Onwards and Upwards  

  • Hi Ryan (Still_here) It's good everything else is stable and hopefully when the next scan comes along, the liver will have settled down as we all know things can change quickly, so I hope they change for the good! 
    I hope you will be "still_here" for a very long time yet!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Thanks for posting Ryan, good to know most tumours are stable lets hope the liver mets are stable next time I's good to be reminded that life goes on and there are enjoyable things to do, BBQs are fab especially in the warm sunshine, hope the puppy got a sausage, best wishes to you and your family and have a great summer, take care.


  • Hi  

    I'm sorry to read that your scan results are a mix of good and bad. I hope things improve for you with the next 2 months of tablets. Keep going and enjoy the sun.

    A x

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