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Lovely Morning Chit-Chat-Thread - May 2024

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New month, new thread - as requested by  

Daily Life chit chat for bloods, scans, appointments, going shopping, cutting grass, reading, watching some thing decent on TV - whatever your day has in store for you. That is daily life!

Even having a laugh, that is a normal life, and we all have it.

If you have a special topic please start a new thread so people that wish to see it can, and can comment.

Hope this is to everyone's approval.


  • I am going to be the first, horary my  lucky day.

    Next  month will be June, so so scary, all have a good day.

  • Well here we go again Mama Bear Koala Ellie has made here monthly change of thread, it's overcast and a bit chilly today but it won't stop me giving for a walk.

  • Hi Only do it for you, to make life a little less stressful lol papa bear

  • Good morning Ellie. MAY where is the time going, this year is flying by, feel like I've missed some of it. Lol. I'm feeling alot better now. Went out yesterday and bought lots of bits and bobs from the Range, I luv that shop. It's overcast here today but not a lot of wind, thank god.

    Hope your scan goes well Lee and Eddie. Hope your well Ulls. Take care all. XXX


  • Cheers Ulls, don't even know what month it is, morning everyone, weather warm and sunny just took car in for service, courtesy car same as mine so nothing to work out, booked hospice meeting then off to cancer hospital, best wishes to everyone

  • Ellie you said your brain scans take a hour, are they MRI with contrast

  • Yes new machine only two in country, and both hospitals in London, thats why i was referred from my normal hospital..

  • I've had an MRI brain scan, nice to have it confirmed, now just have to figure out how to make it work, Innocent

  • Well that for me is the best news, i have read in the papers for a very very  long time.

    Garden experts are saying put lawn mower away and do not cut your grass, for two months, horary horary, reason because of the wet weather, to leave the grass, for butterflies, bee's and other insects, that breed, because of the weather, they need the grass to grown, so they can survive, glad i cut mine yesterday..

    I have been told, always do what i am told, if you believe that, well say no more.

  • Hi Ulls, Ellie said her brain scan took a hour, luckily I'm a bloke with a man sized brain so should be done in 15 minutes