Watching and waiting

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Had my latest three month monitoring scan this week. PET-CT this time. Will get the results in a couple of weeks from my oncologist. Given the results of previous scans and CEA marker  blood tests I am expecting there will be some progression of the disease. I'll post an update in due course.

Results update

Cancerous lymph nodes in my abdomen continue to grow; largest affected lymph node has grown another 3mm all round but no change in size of the cancerous bunch of nodes and no spread to soft organs. However, scan lit up my C7 vertebrae (base of neck) indicating possible spread to my spine but need a MRI scan before oncologist can confirm. Should have this in the next couple of weeks.

If spine is clear then radiotherapy is an option to slow down the progression of my secondary lymph node cancer. If it isn’t radiotherapy is not option and I will be looking palliative chemotherapy in due course.

I post again once I have MRI results.