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If i had one wish, what would it be, that you would come down from heaven and spend the day with me.

We would laugh, and sing, and have a little dance, that was the things we did day and Night.

We would talk about our younger days, when we were just kids, we got married and so our life would begin, oh those happy days, when everything was new, We plodded on , in our special way, and then it happened and it brighten our day, to hear the news, some one else is on the way.

Our lives where fulfilled this is what we want, they soon joined us, and then another,  and before we new they where to have a brother.

Live was hard and we started to crumble ,though we carried on and we pulled threw, you loved me and i loved you, love is special and we held it  close,.

We had some hard battles that we had to fight we did  it together with all our mite.

love can conquer everything in all  that you do.

Though now things are different i fight a battle alone, because you had to leave me, you was called back home.

I talk to you  everyday, and tell  you how i fill .

So just one more day with you, would mean the world to me, we would have a picnic and sit under that Apple Tree.