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I look in the mirror, and who do i see, not to sure, is that really me.

Look different, thats for sure,, getting older, and the grey hair shows more.

Know point in worrying, that is the last  thing to do,,  one point in life i could touch my toes to.

I used to skip and dance, and run about, o, now i hold on, in everything i do,

It gets you down and frustrated at times, but  we solider on, because there is a mountain to climb.

The mountain  is high  and  we give it a go, we do really grand, so we think, then all of a sudden we are bombarded with a hefty stick, it hits us hard and we slide down, we moan and cry and fill really down, only  one thing for it, i am not going to  hit the ground.

We get back up, and the mountain, is in sight, i am going to get to the top, if, it takes all my might.

It takes all your strength and will power to, because there is nothing, that you cannot do.

We find strength from sone where, and we carry on,  people are watching , and they care,  i will show them i can do this, and i will get my medal when i succeed..

Take a look back in the mirror, and yes that is you, a smile on your face and full of glee, to,   that is more like, the old me,  i am happy you see, because nothing is going to beat me.

So when one is down, please don't stay there to long, climb back up, and some one will be waiting, to give you a medal to. 

  • Lovely Ellie, words to live by, thank you.


  • Hi Ellie, this really hit home!  My son said to me just the other day.

    Are you alright mum?  But I know what you will say!

    I am just fine, I heard myself reply,  my son said mum you said you'd never lie!

    I looked him in the eye and said I don't lie. I am Strong but I am tired if you need to know,

    He said it doesn't surprise me you do too much, for me there's no need to put on a show,

    Strong mums make strong kids, let me take the strain,

    you can rest any time just pass the rein.

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi Eddie, Just wondering why you are up at this time in the morning! I've not been to sleep yet, as usual!

    Good Morning everyone!!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Good morning ' all looks sunny enough to scroll out with the pooch, enjoy your day all


  • Hi Annette, just had a rough time lately plus a few tests-treatments and more coming up, one of which though minor, because of heart/anaesthetic issues there's a 25% chance i won't make it, though hoping they may let me do it with local or no anaesthetic, "won't be my first time". Have done ACT and CBT at psychologist's and many relaxation therapy's to cope with pain, and i do really well. Just read your post to Ellie, It was hard for me to open up to my kids fully, "all mid 30s" you just don't want to upset them, though I do now and find we all benefit from being honest and open, take care.

    love Eddie xx

  • Morning Lee how are you and Ringo, keeping each other fit i hope, be careful.


  • We're good but I think I did to much yesterday so I'll go easy today , how are you holding up Eddie 


  • Been a bit crap lately, but getting there. Have all my kids round today always cheers me up, though will be tired after, 


  • That will make your day , enjoy it Eddie