Covid booster jab

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Good afternoon to you all from a very windy Speyside. 

I was very much surprised, that I got a date for yet another booster jab in May. The upcoming appointment would make it my 9th covid jab. I have been chatting with some fellow cancer road travellers and most of them are not going to take the vaccine this time round. 

My suppressed immune system is urging me to take it, but my mind is saying enough is enough. 

Has anybody on this forum got an invite too, or is it only Scotland who is planning booster jabs? 
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, despite the weather. 

Warm hugs to you all from Alana 

  • Hi I get booster jabs every year . I've had covid twice but only mild symptoms. X

  • I don’t know whether I will meet the qualifying criteria (I am in England) as I am not currently on any chemo, but am still taking steroids, which are to a degree immunosuppressive. But I will definitely have one, even if I have to pay for it. Each top up helps, particularly if the vaccine has been adjusted for recent variants. 

  • Hi, yes, I've got mine scheduled in May too.  Didn't really think much about it.  For me, there's no rationale not to have it.  I'm in Fife region. 

  • Hi Alana, I am in England and i get 2, mid October and February and 2 flu jabs too.

  • Hi Alana, I’ve had all of them , I think about 7 now (I’ve always been invited since primary breast cancer but I’m stage 4 now) and will probably do the next one. I do sometimes worry about complications as the vaccine was rolled out so quickly but I will carry on getting them as I don’t want to risk dying of Covid with a low immune system due to targeted drugs. I’ve had it 3 times, the first ironically was ok before the vaccine but symptoms were awful the last 2 times but thankfully I didn’t end up in hospital which is the goal. Take care Debs x

  • I’m expecting an invite as it’s coming up to 6 months x

  • Hi, I normally have 2 a year, but haven't been invited yet which is odd, actually I forgot about them, think I'll ask why no invite?