Hello To You All

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Well my friends old and new, everyone is welcome, to help  each other threw.

You see this is a special club, in so many ways, we all got to join, on one , of our darkest days.

We Listen, we talk, advise when we can, we will hold your hand, when you being to fall,  and pull you back up, to carry on, you see this is a fight, and

at times, you have to be strong.

Its not easy, that's for sure, you will at times, surprise yourself, how ,a night, goes into another day, appointments here, and scans there, all part, of this special club ,for you have to be a special person, to belong, because we are all fighting, some thing really, we cannot see, and it effects us, and our mentality.

So we make the most, of this different way of life, and the strongest can and will survive.

I have been beaten, so many times, and from some where, i will rise, knowing there, will be another time, when i fall.

Though i come here, and some one is there, to lift, me back up, for we are all buddies , does not cost  much, to spare a little bit of time, to listen and a few kind words, will make all, the difference to some ones bad day.