Lovely Morning Chit-Chat-Thread - April 2024

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New month, new thread.

Daily Life chit chat for bloods, scans, appointments, going shopping, cutting grass, reading, watching some thing decent on TV - whatever your day has in store for you. That is daily life!

Even having a laugh, that is a normal life, and we all have it.

If you have a special topic please start a new thread so people that wish to see it can, and can comment.

Hope this is to everyone's approval.


  • Blimey Ellie the month has just started, so nip and a punch for the first of the month as we say.

    It's cold and raining forecast says rest of the week will be the same.

    What do you think of my new avatar?

  • Hi Pinch  Punch,  Sun out full here, do not think it will last though.

    Cannot believe another new month, soon be Christmas, what a thought i have to say.

    Well your Papa Bear, so it suits you

    Son going home today, house will be quiet again, lol list of jobs, to do in the garden he does not  stop.

    Enjoy your day what ever you may do, x

  • Good morning  Ellie and Ulls. Not having my treatment today. Got a phone call this morning  my bloods playing up again. So sitting in Clinical Decisions Unit had bloods done  and waiting to get the verdict, Will let uou know what they're going  to do with me. By the way it has been raining  here all morning. XX


  • Ho Moi, that's a pity, hope they can sort you out.

  • Hope bloods where ok, and did not wait to long,

  • Hi Ulls and Ellie They think it hormones and this diabetes,  got to see an Endocrinologist they deal with hormones diabetes and cancer so waiting for an appointment so it's a waiting game again.But hey ho that's the way we go. Was there for 4 hours  so a bit nackered now so will be having an early night. Hope you've both had a good day, take care XX


  • Hi Ulls, I love your new Avatar!

    I can't believe it is April!

    Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

    Moi, Hope your bloods settle soon. I get mine done again later today as they weren't good last time. Apts Friday again to get result. All I seem to do is go back and forward because bloods keep fluctuating!

    So how many chocolate eggs did you all eat?

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Good morning all the sun is trying to come out and a bluish sky, anything better than yesterday which was rain all day. Annette alas never ate much chocolate a bit of dark a big but lol. Hope your bloods are better this time, I get mine done again on Friday as well. Well nothing exciting  happening today, let us know what we're all up to. XX


  • Morning Everyone, i am now home alone, silence is golden, and appreciated.

    Though my son done quiet a few jobs for me, and i looked after him lol.

    Having my coffee, bed stripped, ad washing now on line, as long as no rain.

    Where saying on news could be a hose pipe ban, come the summer, think it must be an April Fool joke surely.

    Have a general tidy up, back to my own little world, and today, i am happy in it lol.

    Have a good day, everyone, 

  • Hi Lets hope they get your bloods sorted, and then onwards and upwards, always a bump in the road, and we have to go over them, to get to the other side,