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I was being treated in Leeds which is a Regional Centre but have now been transferred back to my home town and have an appointment in April with a scan soon after (hopefully).  In January I was very down but since have just said to myself I am going to enjoy what ever time I have left and as long as I am reasonably well keep enjoying doing the stuff we normally do.  We had a few days in Cornwall in Feb and have a 4 day coach holiday booked for later this month to the Isle of Wight (we live in Hull).  Every year we go to Cyprus and had just dismissed it as not possible ever again but I am wondering if maybe it would be doable.  Pain wise it is manageable.  I know I can't walk far anymore and would hire a mobility scooter to get about. If I talked to the Consultant about it and if a scan confirmed everything was stable should I risk it.  If I did would the insurance cost more than the holiday !!  The thought of going is exciting but at the same time scary.  Things can change so quickly though so I would not book it until a couple of weeks before, probably going in May.  I was seen in Leeds a couple of weeks ago and Consultant there has written to my GP and local hospital saying I do not need any treatment at the moment.  They are waiting for the cancer they know is still there (from blood tests) to present itself enough for me to ask for treatment.  I know the tumour in my groin did not disappear completely with the chemo I had but on my scan in January cancer could not be seen anywhere else.  My back hurts because before chemo there were cancer deposits there that have eaten a bit of the bone making it painful to walk to much or do to much lifting etc.    Just wondering if other people have taken the plunge and just gone abroad.

Julie G 

  • I went to Munich at the beginning of the month - first trip abroad since lockdown and diagnosis.  My only piece of advice is I recommend you book your travel insurance before you book anything else.  I did it the other way round in 2023 and it all went tits up!  Recommend insureancewith dot com.  

  • I have incurable kidney cancer with mets in my pelvis, spine, ribs, lungs, abdominal wall and of all places my bum cheek muscle!! Immunotherapy has shrunk all areas and my scans are now showing all is stable. I still go abroad mostly cruise holidays and I use a company called insurancewith for my travel insurance. Their questions are very through and you should answer them all truthfully and disclose all health problems or the insurance will be void.

    I would say if you can get insurance cover and you feel well enough in yourself then just go for it, I find a holiday is good for me mentally and my consultant is all for enjoying life as much as possible. Since starting immunotherapy which is keeping me stable I have been on several holidays making memories with family and friends. The point of this waffle is to say if you feel up to it then do it.

    I hope you find a lovely place to holiday and come home feeling relaxed and ready to book your next holiday either in this country or abroad

  • Thank you. I wonder if Immunotherapy is something I could have. I will have to ask about it

    .if we decide to go I will check out that insurance.

    Julie G


  • Hi Julie, I've been abroad several times. I am not mobile either. We take my lightweight wheelchair with us, sometimes I hire a buggy. I agree, you need to get the Insurance before you book. StaySure is the company I use but I have also used insurancewith. It does you the word of good. If your Oncologist says (as mine did) if you feel up to it, do it!

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi Julie , I have stage 4 Breast Cancer (several tumours in the liver).  I suffer terrible side effects from targeted drugs some days but now I have got my head around diagnosis (well sort of)  I’m determined to go on holiday as much as I can this year in England and abroad even if I’m just sat on the balcony in the sun if I’m not feeling up to getting out.  My tumours are currently stable but I don’t book too far ahead in case there are significant changes. Anyway , I have just been to Lisbon for 3 days and I used Avanti insurance (there were cheaper ones but reviews were not great for those that tried to claim). I think McMillan recommended Avanti. Thankfully, I didn’t have to use them but it is £125 for 3 days. I have just booked Spain for 5 days and it is £235. To me, it is worth every penny if you can spare the extra money for insurance. I just think do what you can while you can! I hope you get to Cyprus. Don’t forget they have assisted support at the airports too. Good luck Wink 

  • Thanks that sounds really good. Until I have a scan I'm not sure how my cancer is progressing. It is hard isn't it but you just have to make the most of whatever time is left. Yes it will be different, no staying up late drinking cocktails etc but it still beats sitting at home just waiting for the inevitable. Hope you manage to fit a lot more holidays in x

    Julie G


  • Hi  

    Good to hear from you. It's great that you are considering going away. As everyone has said, if you feel up to it, go for it. We have been on a few short breaks in the UK and last summer we went to Ibiza for 5 days. I enjoyed it but it was when the heatwaves were going on and sometimes it was a bit much. I had to stop and sit down a lot as the heat wore me out. This forum may be helpful to you Julie,  Travel insurance forum for cancer patients 

    Best regards 

    A x

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  • Hi

    im incurable but stable and have been going away as much as I can

    i havd used an insurance company called Insurancewith and they are very reasonable and the cover is good

    i say go for it enjoy yourself x 

  • Hi Could you tell me what documents they asked or (if any) I was wondering if I need a letter from the Medical Team saying I am okay to travel. Due to see them next week so I can ask them for any paperwork then.

    Julie G


  • My policy with insurewith had an attestation statement: "I confirm that I am not travelling against the advice of my medical consultant" yes/no.  No written evidence required up front.   The insureance company always have the caveat that if any statement is wrong, they reserve the right to refuse any claim or cancel the insureance blah blah.