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Just thought, i would let you know, some thing i only found out this week.

I am having a new bathroom fitted, and i got the quote this week,

Because it is to make life easier, as such because, of an illness, £1700  hundred pounds was taken of, No Vat to pay.

No Vat is charged, because you have an illness, no one has ever told me that, and i can not say, i have seen it any where.

Has to be done threw a proper Firm as such, not what you do yourself.

Thought others, might like to know this.

I doubled checked on the Governments Web Site, and is correct.

Hope this helps others, if they are thinking of having some improvements to their home.

  • Hi  

    Thanks for this information. I didn't know that either. That's a big saving for you.

    A x

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  • I was surprised, even just having doorway made bigger and things like that, worth a read. Ramps, quiet a lot of different things. No one has ever informed me as such, i was taken aback, worth keeping in mind.

  • Hi Ellie,  I also put info about adding a downstairs shower room & toilet quite a few years ago now. When you weren't thinking about a new bathroom then, you probably don't remember it. The other thing we found out about, three years after we had it was from the Occupational Therapist at the Local Hospice who told us we could phone our local Council, fill in a form and get a rebate in our Council Tax if it was needed for medical reasons. If we hadn't don't the extension, we would have had to move house and we love it where we are.

    In Scotland, sorry I don't know about elsewhere, we moved down one band in our Council Tax and they even paid it backdated! It was amazing.

    I hope it all goes well Ellie and it won't take too long to complete!i

    Love Annette x

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