Weekend appointments at the hospital

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Good morning all, hope you are keeping well.

I have appointments over the weekend at the hospital, too many if you ask me. Yesterday I went to get my bloods done and of late my PICC line has suddenly decided not to work. I have two, one doesn't work at all and the other takes forever to draw blood. They have me doing exercises, pretend coughing and all manner of things. Then they moan at the amount of flush they've had to use to get it to work, I've paid my contributions thank you Slight smile Don't know who gets more stressed first,  me or the nurse. I only had the PICC line put in end of November, it's not lasted very long.

Tomorrow, I have a scan to see what, if anything, effect chemo has had on the tumour. Scared!! Not for the scan but for the results Disappointed

And Monday, I have chemo, round 2 ding ding. It's at 8am in the morning. Yes, 8!!!! Isn't that just wonderful, NOT! The positive is I'm hoping I'll be in out and home earlier. 

Oh the joys!!!!!

Enjoy your day whatever you may be doing. 

  • Hi  

    Hope your scan has been ok today. You'll be an early riser tomorrow, like you say, hopefully get home quicker. I had a scan appointment at 8am last time, was before Christmas so it was still dark! Best wishes for your results.

    A x

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  • Thank you and scan went well. Everything crossed for the results!!!! Feeling nervous but will try shelf them feelings until I need to. 

    Chemo went well but the 8am start didn't go to plan. When I arrived everything was in darkness, it would seem the staff can't make 8am either lol. And then for some unknown reason I was still an hour before they started treatment even though there was only me and another guy there. Bad day for them I guess huh. There was talk of sickness shortage. Still, home for lunch time so all good. 

    Thanks for the well wishes and enjoy your day.

  • That's funny about 8am.  I thought you were going to dive into a story of horrendous traffic car parking or weather and it's about the actual (not scheduled) opening time lol 

  • ha ha I know. I can't believe they booked me for 8 and then didn't make it themselves lol You have to laugh right!!