The Roller Coaster

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My cancer journey, where does it begin, i do not really know, my head is in a complete spin..

My hubby and daughter are at my side, they are both upset and i do not know really why.

So home we go, and everyone is knocking at the door, right what gong on  i said with some glee, i have missed something, that could not be seen..

I soon found out, what it was all about , first appointment and then i wanted to shout, the doctor starting talking and i heard it all,, give me hope i replied, the words stuck with me till this day., and hope gets you threw, the darkest of days.

Stage 4 from day one, not very good, i hear some one say, i soon went looking, and found out, omg now i  wanted to shout.

The day has come , what is in store, we do not know, till we walk threw the doors, the chemo unit is beyond believe, loads and loads of people just to be seen.

I knew then i was not alone, as people had been here before, and then you go home.

What an experience, thats for sure needle here, and then some more, the nurses where nice, and put one at ease, eight hours later i got sent home, this was the start, of a great big ride, the ride carries on, thats for sure, All sent to try you, and even more.

I found this site, and then i knew, i was not alone, others here before me, new what it was all about. They all shouted welcome, just let it all out.

Oh my thats the way to go, i can be me, and let go, my family where great , though they never truly knew,, what was going on in my mind , and i was starting to sink.

That was then, and this is now, the roller coaster calmed right down, though at times, starts back up, though i tell you something, i am ready now for what might be..

Because have i  have hope, and i believe.

For the people i have met, have given me strength, when it is needed, As every one, is on the roller coaster as well, and when it takes, a dip, we pick them up.

So the ride, might be bumpy, hard, and you want it to come, to an end, Just remember, here ,we are all friends, taking the ride together.

Just my Thoughts,   xxxx