A Thought

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Just a thought, going on in my head, it normally occurs, when laying in bed.

It is not the life, we wanted to choice, though, out of our hands, and we just have to go threw..

A appointment here, and a scan there, or by the way,, a different one to, though another hospital, will then check it to.

You wait . for the verdict, with head held high, though deep inside, you know you could, be waiting to die.

Not a nice thought, thats for sure, you think, of every one, that has gone before.

You pull yourself, together, and you have to get threw, because people, are rallying

round, because they want, you to,.

SO life goes on, in a different way, and yes we have to be grateful for every signal day..

You meet so many people, going threw the same, though in another life, our paths, would never have crossed..

So we are all equal,, on the road, we are on,.  the journey is hard, in many ways,, though people around you, can  lightened the load, because   they are on, the journey, along with you., and they lift you up, when you are feeling blue.

So my friends, near and far, we are all in the same boat, sailing along, we are not sinking, we are floating along. xx