Living with Stage 4 cancer

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Uplifting article in The Independent about how modern treatments are making some cancers more like a chronic condition than a terminal illness. I read it via Yahoo.


  • Thanks for sharing.  I managed to read it here

    This is how I view my situation - a long term health condition to live/cope with.  

  • Hi Mmum clicked on your link independant stage 4 cancer, how do i view the vid?

  • Oh!  I didn't view any video, I just read the article.  But saying that, I just went back to investigate and now it's behind a pay wall and unavailable.  I never used to bother following links to their web because I knew they blocked Joe Public but recently I have been successful so I thought they'd changed the policy.  That will be why Maninbath said he managed to read it via yahoo.  

  • Hi, I clicked on the link on Mmums post and to go further you have to pay.

    However when I read that Maninbath had seen this on Yahoo, that's what I did although I did not see a video Eddie, this is exactly the way, as Mmum has said, I have been living too thinking of a chronic illness, rather than terminal or even incurable, that's ten years now for me.

    If you go to your browser and type it will open their Home Page where if you scroll down you can read the whole article. On that same page there is an article from Jonnie Irwin's Wife.

    Thanks Maninbath for pointing this out. I said to my family when I went on a Trial, if this lasts even the six months they predicted, then by then they will have come up with some other drug I can try etc.Ive always been a positive person BUT now this is happening for Real!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Morning Annertte, I will do that, a friend on the prostate cancer forum found, what we think, is the technical version of the story, It's on the NIH national library of medicine, even with 15 years in healthcare it's a little tricky to understand, but if you want to read it, i could find it for you, I actually know Jonny Irwin, "not personally", from a video he did on cancer on TV. Did you read Mmum's guardian newspaper article, people explain what matters, Hope you are good,