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Hi guys,

I had HIPEC surgery on the 1st Nov and after 3 weeks in hospital along with getting sepsis, again, I e now been at home with my dogs for nearly two weeks. 

This recovery is so hard. I'm so limited to doing things but saying that I actually managed to put my trousers on standing up today rather than sitting down to do it. Small steps! I'm walking my dogs once or twice a day, depending on how far I go on the morning walk. Got it up to 1.7 miles and 2.4 miles over two walks. Don't get me wrong, I walk my dogs then lie on the sofa snoozing on and off for the rest of the day. 

I live alone so everyday chores have to be done along with cooking. I'm on a low residue diet which isn't bad really but I struggle with bloating and trapped air. I had half my bowl removed previouslyd had two resections this time along with the HIPEC. I escaped a a stoma again!! 

Before my op I was told I had less than a year to live and was informed that the cancer would progress quickly with other complications. In the three weeks I waited for the op I had already starred getting a blockage in my bowl ! 

Although I had my reservations about having HIPEC surgery, I now realise that with out it I would probably be in a sad state and hospitalised by now. I don't know if I'm free from cancer at the minute but have a scan and bloods in under three months so will find out then. Still a waiting game unfortunately. Lol

Take care and stay safe. X

  • You done good and it will be so much harder when you life alone. But on the other side it makes you get up and do things. Hope your results will be great!!!

  • Hi  

    It sounds as though you did right to go ahead with the surgery, even if the recovery is hard. Well done on the walks, keep chugging along and you'll get stronger in time. Best wishes for your results, let us know how you get on.

    A x

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  • Hi Dogman, A cancer dx is difficult enough when you have another person in your home but to live through this living alone must be the hardest thing! I really admire you for carrying on with the surgery and I hope your recovery is smooth. They say animals can sense when something is wrong, so I'm sure your dogs appreciate the fact you are going above and beyond to take them for a walk!

    I will keep my fingers crossed you get the result you deserve and the cancer has been stopped in its tracks. Please keep us updated! Try not to overdo things, as you say baby steps!

    Love Annette x

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