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Hello all friends of ownedbystaffies.

her daughter Nina has been in touch with me ever since her Mum died. She has joined the online community on the Bereaved family and friends forum.

she has been looking at her Mums past posts and replies and is desperate for more memories and would like to say hi to anyone who knew her Mum. I know that a lot of her disreputable associates have since passed and are now arguing over everything in heaven but there are a few of that gang still around.

she has posted under ownedbystaffiesownedbystaffies on the bereaved site.

if you can pop in she would be overjoyed. Thank you.

  • Of course I got it wrong, she is posting under , ownedbyownedbystaffies,

  • Hi BP Thanks for posting this. Of course I remember OBS and I'm sure lots of other "oldies" will too.

    I wonder has her daughter reached out to Steph or anyone in admin as I'm sure they would be able to look up older posts!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Thanks for this.  It was another new "forum experience" to receive her alert.  I thought it was a family member using OBS' old account. I've just messaged her with some memories so thanks for telling me her name.  She must be the same age as my eldest.   It makes me wonder whether my kids will seek the stuff I post on here.  Anyway, no need to speculate about that now whilst I am working towards the immuno OS record. . . . . .