Coping with certain uncertainty

Morning, I'm halfway through chemo and finally had that definitive chat with my oncologist.  Up to now we hadn't discussed 'how long', even though my reading has advised me. On average its 12 to 18 months, ok, that's 'good to know', but my reaction to chemo has been better than average and there are patients who she has who clearly beat these odds and have repeat treatment and are around a number of years later.

So, what's my coping mechanism? I'll have some radiotherapy on the primary tumour, post chemo, but liver mets with aggressive small cell cancer are problematic.  Those 12 weeks scans become real deadlines, as they will determine new treatment or start the countdown clock.

I will be back in work in 6 weeks, so have a daily focus, my health and fitness will enable me to take as much treatment as can be offered, but I don't know if I'm going to be Joe Average or Incredible.

I'm taking it all a day at a time, not thinking ahead as that just means getting depressed, upset and not enjoying life. I am going to get some psychological help, and will keep up my personal fitness. I will die of this cancer, but will keep positive and focus on having a lovely and enjoyable remainder of life.


  • Hi i am so pleased, you have a positive attitude, do not get me wrong, we can all have a blip, though you are going in the right way..

    I find keeping busy the best way i can, i do not think of the cancer. they do say, do not let it take over your life, take control, and i try to do that, and tell it to FO.

    I wish you all the best, and hope, to hear a lot more from you.



  • Hi  

    You're right, it's all we can do, enjoy each day and the time we have left. I try not to think about the what ifs and to go with the flow. What will be, will be. When it's time, it's time. Every person has a time whether they've got cancer or not and I tell myself that there is someone else worse off. The counselling will be helpful, it certainly helped me. 

    A x

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  • This is my mantra too "the only certainty is that there is uncertainty."  It was the first bit I grasped!  

    I don't know if I'm going to be Joe Average or Incredible.

    LaughingLaughing  This made me smile!  Incredible, we hope!