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Good afternoon to you all

i had the most wonderful evening at the recent Showaddywaddy 50th anniversary concert. It was just amazing and made me smile for days after. If you like that kind of music grab a friend and go and see them.  It was such great fun and just the right therapy for the soul. I am terminally ill with seconds breast cancer in my lungs and hope I will b able to see them next year again when they return. 

hug to you all from 

Alana (Moray,Scotland)

  • Hi so glad you had a  lovely evening.

    I love a mixture of  all  music, and i must Amit, i play, what i like every day, brings back so many good memories. And lifts my  spirits, when they are  down.


  • Hi Alana good to meet you and to see you are enjoying life! I enjoy lively music. I can just imagine people getting up to have a good ole bop in the aisles Grin I've been to many live shows like this one and they certainly lift the soul!!!

    Judy xxx

  • Thanks for your reply. Yes it was good fun as was Rod Steward in Aberdeen lately. 

  • good to meet you too. It was good fun and makes a nice change going out. Took me a while to give myself a push to go out sometimes again. Now I try to fo one outing a month if I can

    keep well Ellie

  • Fabulous! You're being spoilt in Moray! I visited a friend here many years ago. It's a beautiful place. She took me to the Western Highlands....a glourious sight!

    Judy x

  • I'm at the other end of Scotland, and I never check to see if any bands are touring, as my nearest venue is Dumfries. Even that is a 70 mile trip! I'll have to check things out, as it sounds like you had a really good night out!

    I'm old enough to remember Showaddywaddy first time round!

  • Hi Alana, glad you enjoyed your concert. A good night out is really good for your spirits. My sister and I are going to see the Hollies (only 2 original members), on 12th October, we go when ever there in Liverpool can't wait. Have a good day xx


  • Gorgeous place to live Moray x

    i remember showaddy daddy, thought they’d be a bit long in the tooth to perform now lol

  • Hi  

    I remember them as well. We always say the band's name like Jimmy saville used to say it on Jim'll fix it, Sha woddy woddy, sorry touchy subject, moving on.....

    We went to see Roachford earlier this year and have just seen a Simon and Garfunkel tribute, both were excellent. Pleased you're getting out and about.

    A x

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