My solo holiday

Hi everyone.  I have been keeping up with everyone's posts while I've been on my little holiday to Scotland.  After a really tragic start were an hour into my journey I witnessed a man collapse and with all the emergency effort nothing could be done to save him. I did think about returning home as I was really upset but decided to carry on with my journey. And WOW I'm pleased I did.i didn't no Scotland was so beautiful. The scenery is amazing. But all good things come to an end and its home time tomorrow . I did make me think should I be going on these holidays alone. But then again I live alone and this is my comfort of seeing people everyday and chatting and no-one nos my story as I would never tell them. So I'm just bev who as far as they no has a week of work and is enjoying a holiday.  Hope you are all OK xxx

  • Hi Bev that was sad having to witness that poor man not being able to be saved. But pleased that you carried on and saw bonnie Scotland. 
    I was overwhelmed with its beauty when I went there many years ago. 
    you’re wonderful the way you get up and go! And yes, to people not knowing your story so you were able to just fit in and be ‘normal’ 

    I’m ok ta got my 12th chemo on Friday! It’s just 10 mins but it still knocks me out for a few days. But I’m still here to tell the tale Wink

    Judy xxx


  • Hi  

    Sorry to hear about the man that collapsed. These things are a shock to witness. Makes you think though doesn't it, to go out for a walk and not come home. Very sad.

    I'm pleased you've had a good time. We are going to Leith next month, not far from Edinburgh. I think it's lovely that you go alone, you make friends when you're there but can still have time alone if you need it. I would need it, I'm not very sociable on holiday. I used to say it was because of my job, but I don't work now and I'd still be the same!

    I'm not bad thanks Bev, been for a walk today but it was a struggle and I was very slow. I'll keep an eye on it. Ttfn,

    A x

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  • Hi Bev, I'm so pleased you liked it here in Scotland. Some of the people who have lived here all of their life haven't explored our beautiful places.

    Im so pleased that after a bad start, you carried on and got your just rewards!,

    Love Annette x

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